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    Why You Should Test Freelancers Before Hiring Long-term?

    January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

Why You Should Test Freelancers Before Hiring Long-term?

How to test freelancers

Telecommuting is a boon come true for not just freelancers but also for entrepreneurs. Human resources is no more a risky endeavour with blind hiring based on static resumes. You now have access to incredible talent locally, nationwide, or even internationally. Projects get done faster (even if there’s a difference in time zones), and you – as an entrepreneur – have almost zero overheads.

Freelancers can jump right in, without any need for training or on-boarding, and get down to working on your projects. Their presence is not needed and their skills obviously get your project moving forward.

But it’s not all roses when you go looking for freelancers to work on your projects. Here’s why you should test your freelancers before hiring them long-term:

The choice is perplexing


If you were to just put up a brief for potential freelancers, you’ll receive applications in hundreds, in less than a couple of hours. Just going the proposals won’t do you justice, plus it’s a drain on your time and resources. Instead, shortlist a couple of freelancers and bring them into a testing zone to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This way, you’ll be able to quick whittle down your choices and make your own freelancer recruiting more systematic.

Testing tells you what you get for your money


Resumes are static. They are often misleading. Irrespective of the skill set you are after, there’s bound to be evidence of previous work done. Designers, writers, and developers – the serious, experienced, and professional ones – usually have portfolios for you to take a look at.

Despite that, testing freelancers with a small task or a series of small tasks usually lets you know what you get for your money.

Everyone makes claims


For freelancers, there’s low barrier to entry. They are in business with nothing more than skill sets and a laptop with an Internet connection. It’s easy for almost anyone to claim anything. Without due diligence built into your freelance hiring process, you are likely to signup freelancers who might not meet your requirements.

You need to test those claims. You’d have to see the proof.

Testing leads to confirmed hires


Services are intangible. As such, buyers (you) don’t have anything to touch, feel, or know anything before services are rendered. That’s why it makes sense to test your freelancers with mini-projects or simple tasks to begin with. Write your brief clearly mentioning that it’s a paid trial and that the simple task that you are asking for is a test.

Only freelancers with mettle, commitment, real skills, and great communication will survive.

How do you hire freelancers? Do you have a testing mechanism in place?


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