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    3 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a College Student

    November 11, 2015

November 11, 2015

3 Reasons Why It Rocks to be a College Student

Why College Students Rock
Did you know that you can earn 29 different ways when you’re in college?

College is the best time because it lets you explore your skills and gives the highest freedom of thought and creativity. Therefore, many times it becomes an ultimate moment to induce the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Also, college is the time when you start to understand the value of being goal oriented.

You plan to build a career, or embark on a new journey to build a business. You enjoy your freedom, independence and many other benefits. So, here are few reasons why it rocks to be a college student.

Lets You Save Money Everywhere


College students get many scopes to save money. They can have huge discounts on the buying prices of clothes, electronic items, entertainment expenses, transportation cost, etc.

Few brands like Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Topshop, etc. provide awesome discounts to college students when the make a purchase and show their college ID. Other electronics brands like Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc also offer great deals to college students. This is how the college life helps a student, even when this is the not so financially sound moment.

Provides Business Ideas


It rocks to be a college student because during this period you can discover some awesome business ideas. College is the best time because you’ll have no financial burden, family responsibility or a risk to be worried about.

During this time you will have fresh knowledge, and a stress free mind to inculcate many creative ideas.

At least, you will find ample number of opportunities to earn a good amount of money which can help you repay student loan or tuition fees.

For example, if you’ve a passion and talent for photography, you can make an excellent use of it. You can go to the car dealers, for example, and help them with have better photos of cars to include in their marketing campaign.

Another idea of business can be teaching. You can teach or tutor other students. You can help juniors with mathematics, music, english, etc. You can simply create your own fliers, or can have your business card to spread the words. You can also ask for referrals from your friends or their families.

You can also help the residents by providing window cleaning services, landscaping, or dog walking, etc. That way you will earn enough side money to cover many important expenses.

A Great Place and Time for Innovation


It rocks to be a college student because college life is the time when an innovative mind gets to grow. Although, it is nothing like that, you must innovate when you’re in college, but, it’s mostly to say that a fresh creative mind gets a huge amount of life exposure during this time.

For example, you can develop many of the leadership skills during the college life. You get to work on group projects which can help you develop the soft skills like interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, etc. Similarly, the mind of a kid is the most curious one. So, this is time when we don’t fear to ask questions and expect to know a lot more on our niche of interest.

College life rocks for most of us. We just need to know how to most effectively use the time. If you can do that, it will help you in your professional life and career.

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