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    Why Freelancers Should Also Learn To Code? 

    December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Why Freelancers Should Also Learn To Code? 

why Learn to Code?

Steve Jobs used to believe that everyone should learn to code irrespective of their background, age and professional ambition.

Steve Jobs knew from the beginning that the purpose of learning to code is never only about being qualified for the future job market. It’s much more than that. Coding helps to improve our critical thinking.

Besides being exceptionally helpful from the applicability point of view, it’s also an amazing tool for mind development. This means, coding can help us change our thought and perspective. The process of coding makes us a better problem solver.

The scope and benefits of programming expand far beyond its importance as a skill. And freelancers can make several uses of the programming skill. Here are top reasons why freelancers should also learn to code:

Working Online Needs Coding Education


It’s not a compulsion; it’s an added advantage. If you are planning to work online, you should know that there will be several moments when coding skill will be required and can be applied.

Do you plan to have your own blog? Do you think you don’t have enough budget to hire someone to help you build an amazing quality blog or website? Well, having some knowledge of coding will help you save a lot of money.

You can build and maintain your blog on your own. You can even learn to change the design of the blog and make it more user friendly and attractive for the readers. This is how coding can help you have your own site and build a bran reputation.

Learning to Code Opens Bundle of Opportunities


Laurence Bradford shared how her life changed when she learned to code. Laurence had no idea what she wanted to do with her life and career.

After completing graduation, she could not take a career decision right away. So she eventually thought of teaching in a school in Thailand and figure out what she wanted to do in the meantime.

When she was in Thailand, she wanted to start a travel blog of her own. This was the time when she got to know about WordPress. Soon, she found out that she could learn more about web development and other intermediate to advance coding concepts. She continued to learn coding. And now she thinks that she made an excellent life changing decision to learn more about programming.

Today, after earning credibility and expertise in web development skills, she earns more than before, and works for less number of hours. She has the freedom to work as per the schedule she prefers. After her working hours, she has enough time to spend with her family, pursue her hobbies, interests and passion. Being able to do some real tough jobs for herself, Laurence now feels more empowered and self confident.

Coding Improves Critical Thinking


Not everyone is going to be a coder, or wish to be a coder. But as mentioned earlier, scope of coding is much more than its applicability benefits. Coding skill can actually remodel your approach to different problems. Experts say learning to code is more like solving puzzles . It will make you excellent at critical thinking.

Coding skill makes a professional curious by nature. When you learn to code, you think of possibilities. According to Howard Tullman, Coders are people who never ask ‘why’; rather, they love to ask ‘why not’.

This is how learning to code can eventually make you an independent expert professional as well as a great problem solver to help you back up your dream career.


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