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    4 Specific Instances When You Should Say No

    October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015

4 Specific Instances When You Should Say No

How to say no

They say that success is more about you saying “no” than it’s about saying yes. The saying “no” habit can bring efficiency, focus, and liberate you from pseudo opportunities — the ones you thought were opportunities but really aren’t.

When you are doing freelancing, you’ll come across many instances where you’d have to say no to. You’d be faced with tough decisions. Your decisions will make all the difference between your success and failure.

Here are a few specific instances when you’d have to say no:

Free work


Unless you want to do work contributing to charity, you’d never ever have to do any work for free. Doing spec work for your portfolio is one thing; doing work for clients is totally something else.You’ll often have clients asking for free trials, free work samples, and free whatever.

No matter what you feel about this, refuse to work for free. Period.

Giving more when you don’t need to


One of the keys to success is to give more than what’s expected of you. When you do that, you are on a path to provide value. You are creating value for your clients and in turn, you are increasing the worth of what you provide.

The key to this path, however, is this: you provide value when you want to. You do more than what’s asked of you when you want to. Not when your clients ask you to.

Giving Your Time Away


Today, distractions come in all shapes and sizes. There are also many different kinds of distractions that threaten to waste your time. This is one of those things you’d need to learn to be ruthless and say no to.

Did you know what the The biggest vulnerability with time management? It’s you. People will try to take your time away. The Internet itself is a major distraction.

Your tendency to let go of your own time. You slip. Others force you to slip. Time is vulnerable. Begin to say no to anything related to your time that’s not in your favor.

The wrong people to work with


You’ll eventually begin to hire freelancers, full-timers, or vendors until you get a good team in place. But the hiring and onboarding process is an incredibly draining and time sapping process. Just finding someone worthwhile to work with is excruciating.

Every time you come across someone who isn’t a good fit for your team, learn to say no. Refuse to accept team members without the hunger, passion, and the drive to work.

While your search will never end, you’d at least learn to manage your time wisely.


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