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    What Do You Need Apart From Freelancing?

    September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

What Do You Need Apart From Freelancing?

Succeed In Freelancing

We’ve often had freelancers reach out to us and ask what else is needed to succeed with freelancing, apart from the skills, the entrepreneurial mindset, the hustle, and the ability to multitask. We believe that even that list isn’t exhaustive and there are a whole lot of other things you’d need to succeed with freelancing.

If it were as simple as picking up a skill and doing freelancing around it, almost everyone could do it. It isn’t that way, and we all know that.

So, here’s what you’d need to give yourself that little edge when compared to your competition:

Charm. Loads of it


While you might not have to do cold calling, hard core hustle, and actually get on to the streets to sell your freelancing services, you’d do very well with some charm.

Being able to negotiate objections during pitches, managing clients, and sometimes managing your team (if you have one), takes a great deal of skills that fall outside your domain.

Sense of humor


As people, we connect with those who like us. We tend to gather around people that are great to be with. One of the things that most of us truly admire is another person’s ability to make us smile.

To succeed, you ought to be the one who can make others smile. There are numerous opportunities to use humor in the middle of a conversation with a client where you could use humor.

Do that and you’ll score some brownie points.

Class & Style


Not that you don’t have it, but that’s the point: you do. It’s just that this mask of “business” kills your style. It kills your uniqueness. It removes any sense of “you” in the name of being “business like”.

That’s the opposite of what you should be doing, though. As a freelancer, you have to retain your true self. Honor your identity, and make sure that your class, style, and the way you carry yourself comes through your dealings with everyone – especially your clients

The ability to connect


To be successful, you’d have to go out of your way to connect with new people. You’d need to find a way to give value without anyone asking for it. You’d need a way to genuinely help, find a way to reach out, and give your very best to people who possibly get in touch with you.

Apart from honing your skills as a freelancer (the technical skills, that is), what do you do improve yourself?


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