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    Top Website Builders For Your Freelancing Business

    January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

Top Website Builders For Your Freelancing Business

Best Website Builders

If you are a freelancer who isn’t a designer or developer, you’d need websites to showcase work, let the world know about your business, and actually get business.

If you are a freelance designer or developer, the world has moved on and you’d need to incorporate faster workflows and maybe embrace some of these website builders below.

Getting professionals to design might just be out of your budget for now (you can always do this later).

So, how do you go about getting a website? Use a DIY website builder.

So, here’s how website builders (drag and drop platforms) can save you money, and we’ll pick the best of the lot:



By far, webflow is the only modern website builder that requires a slightly advanced user level to use its interface. While it’s as close to hand-coding to build a website, it’s still intuitive and retains drag and drop features. You can also opt to “clone” existing websites on their platform or to work off beautifully designed, marketing-centric templates.

After you complete your website, you can also export HTML5 and CSS3 code straight out and use it anywhere you like.

For all the hue and cry about bad design, messy code, and “not the real thing” rallies that designers love to shout out, Webflow is the answer for DIY coding, without touching code.

Price: Free and paid plans start from $16 per month (Hosting extra)

Time to go live on average: 3 days



Wix is popular, and it has millions of users – small business owners – building websites off templates and cutting costs and time to implementation down to a minimum. Wix is best used for simple websites with a couple of pages and a contact form.

Building mobile responsive websites needs a few more tweaks but it can be done by picking up a revelant template, making changes to it, adding copy, and adding images.

You also have an option to go ecommerce but Wix isn’t really built for that. Yet, it’s an option.

Price: Free and paid plans start from $4 for cheapest plan

Time to go live on average: 1 day



Much like Apple and iOS, SquareSpace operates in a silo. You are boxed into their platform but we don’t see why you should not. Driven by existing, slick templates, SquareSpace allows for quick website, ecommerce site, or landing page setup in a matter of minutes.

Hosting comes with any package you choose and you have pretty much everything you need as long as it’s about responsive and contemporary design.

Starts from $8 per month (includes hosting)
Ecommerce plans start from $26 per month

Time to go live on average: 1 day



Featuring a developer and user friendly website builder interface, Webydo also allows for template-driven design but allows for complete customization without putting your finger into any kind of code. Yet, you can always export the code and deep customize it to your liking.

Webydo allows for cross-browser build, as you go along, and gives you the flexibility you need to design your website the way you want it.

Price: Starts from $25 per month

Time to go live on average: 3 days



Weebly has been around, just like Wix, and the new “Carbon” interface makes it incredibly simple to use. You can literally setup an ecommerce site within a day thanks to the existing templates and the ease of drag and drop.

Price: Free and paid plans start from $8 per month

Time to go live on average: 1 day

Which of these have you used yet? Tell us all about it.


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