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    Important & Top Skills Freelancer Writers Must Have

    September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015

Important & Top Skills Freelancer Writers Must Have

skills freelancers should haveApart from your writing skills, which are expected from you, we often wrote about many other skills you’d need to possess. It’s to help you retain an edge and lead in the face of competition.

It’s for you to bank on these skills so you can diversify and make you invincible. This time it’s the professional, moneymaking skills you need. Even if you are a doing great with your freelance writing career, it’d still make sense to diversify your skill set.

Having said that, here are a few top skills freelance writers must have:

Affiliate marketing skills


We aren’t writing about doing affiliate marketing for “make money online” products (although you can). Affiliate marketing, if you go deep down into it, is completely data-driven. One look at any super affiliate and you’ll know it’s a back-breaking job and almost business-like – given that you’d need funds, manage multiple traffic sources, deal with affiliate managers and affiliate networks, and work with multiple offers.

At the end of it, you’d still not make any profit if you don’t get the whole thing right.

Affiliate marketing skills make you confident. They also expand your skillsets into paid sources of traffic, sales hustle, technology, creativity, and more.

Graphic Design


Wondering what a freelance writer has to do with graphic design? A lot, if you ask. The web is a visual medium today and text can only get you so far.

Having graphic design skills comes to your rescue when you’d have repurpose your articles or blog posts, create visuals for your website or for other marketing purposes, and also go deep into creative material when you need to.

From websites to landing pages, from banners to blog posts, graphic design is a much needed skill.

Negotiation skills


You’d not have been where you are today without adequate negotiation skills. You’d never be able to go where you want to without better negotiation skills.

If anything, this skill can single-handedly turn tables for you, allow you to make more money, persuade others better, and get you what you want. Enough said.

All purpose, jack-of-all-trade skills
In the thick of the work you’d have to handle, you’ll eventually come across a thousand other things you’d need to do for both your own business and for your clients.

You’d have to set up your website, do blogging, manage social media, and run your paid campaigns. While you are at it, you’d also manage work for your clients, the clients themselves, and people (if you have a team).

Financial Management


We wrote about how you should manage your finances better.

Financial management doesn’t come easy and it takes preparation, commitment, dedication, and astute manage skills to keep the cash in the house, to make that cash flow happen, and to ensure that you make more than the sum total of the bills you’d have to pay.

What skills do you think you’d have to hoard up? Tell us about it.


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