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    Top Opportunities Every Freelancer Must Consider

    October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015

Top Opportunities Every Freelancer Must Consider

Top Opportunities For Freelancers

We all want extra income. For you, freelancing is certainly a career that’d need you to stay on the lookout for more opportunities and to build extra streams of income. The good thing about freelancing is that there are just as many opportunities out there as you are willing to look out for.

We know that you have specific skill sets. We know that if we were to wake you up in the middle of the night, there are top paying gigs – but general — that almost every freelancer can tread into to make some extra cash:

Note: every opportunity listed here does require its own set of skills. For you, it could be easy or it could be hard. Our effort is to list opportunities that everyone can take up. Here are a few top opportunities for freelancers:

Move up levels. Aim to grow into an agency

As a freelancer, you are all on your own. You might get help every now and then to manage deliveries but you are clearly on your own. You trade your time for cash. While you are up and about it, you do have an opportunity to scale and grow into a full-time agency.

If you are a freelance digital marketer, grow into a digital marketing agency. Web designers and developers can launch design houses and so on.

It’s, in simple words, your opportunity to scale.

Surveys for cash

While not every survey opportunity might be genuine, these are easy jobs that you could during weekends or during downtimes off a day that can easily fetch you a small stream of income. Be careful about which survey opportunities you pick up though since

It won’t be much, and it’s not a replacement for your current income. However, this cash could be handy to pay bills or spend on groceries maybe.

Virtual assistantship

Now, virtual assistants require going broad rather than going deep. You’d be required to help other small business owners, bloggers, and individuals to help conduct their business better.

From data entry to managing phone calls; from managing websites to social media accounts, virtual assistants do it all. Virtual assistantship, unlike doing surveys for cash, can be a full-time or a regular opportunity (not that we are asking you to switch careers, unless you are already a virtual assistant)

Set up an ecommerce store

Why not? Right? If you are a designer, you can get help for content and writing tasks. If you are a writer, you can get help for design related or website management tasks. The point is this: it’s easy to start an ecommerce business (at least the setup and launch part) today, thanks to technology and numerous web-based solutions such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

Beyond setup and launch, it’s going to be just as hard as any other business. However, setting up an ecommerce store can be a great opportunity for you to move from side gig to a full-fledged business.


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