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    Top 5 Most Influential Software Developers

    November 4, 2015

November 4, 2015

Top 5 Most Influential Software Developers

Most influential Software developers

World’s top software developers are no exceptional human species. Rather, their attitude toward work, career, ambition and risk taking capacity distinctively differ from the average.

People, who made excellent independent career in programming and software development, have abilities to come up with unconventional concepts.

Say hello to some of the most influential software developers around the world. Many of them chose independent career options like academia and consultancy. Beyond their technical abilities, these type of professionals like to expand their knowledge and network through active participation in conferences and improvement of their interpersonal skills.

If you’re eager to dig a bit deep into the life and achievements of these professionals, read up on the most influential software developers in the World:

Dennis Ritchie


This was the man who had exceptional contributions to the development of modern day computing system. He developed C programming language. He was a Harvard University graduate. He acquired numerous awards and recognitions in his lifetime.

Dennis also co-created Unix operating system. He worked with Ken Thompson when developing and creating Unix. He and Thompson both received National Medal of Technology in 1999 from Bill Clinton. He died in 2011. He was found dead in his house. The cause and time of death hadn’t been disclosed.

Max Levchin


His achievements at the age of 40 is unbelievable. He is a Ukraine born American software engineer and computer scientist . In his childhood he suffered chronic respiratory conditions and were told by the doctors that he might not survive the impact. His name is mostly known for his amazing work with Paypal.

Max cofounded Paypal and is also the chairman and CEO of the company. He already made $300 million at this age with contributions in starting Yelp. He owns around $28.5 million worth of share of the company. eBay acquired Paypal for $1.5 million (Paypal is now an independent company)

Dave Cutler


He is an American software engineer, designer and developer. He designed and developed several operating systems, including Windows NT at Microsoft. He, later, moved his sole concentration for the development of Xbox.

Yes, after several controversies it became clear that Cutler might be a good fit for this role. Cutler’s cloud experience had a huge contributions in the gaming niche product of Microsoft. Cutler, at present, is working only for Xbox. You might see many more developments in its software in the coming years.

John Carmack


He was the man who revolutionised the whole idea of video gaming and made it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This programmer introduced Doom in 1993. Doom was the first video game that came with the new amazing technology.

It allowed the gamer to be a part of the real action. John Carmack also introduced Doom 2 later in 2004 and sold millions of copies within months.

Jeffrey Dean


He is also a renowned software engineer and computer scientist from America. He joined Google in mid 1999. He designed a huge portion of the crawling, indexing, query serving and other important platforms for Google while working in the company.

Jeffery is one of the most credible designers of Google.
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