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    Top 25 Blogs for Actors

    December 12, 2015

December 12, 2015

Top 25 Blogs for Actors

Top 25 Blogs for Actors

Explore these great resources that will give you insight into the life of an actor, and what it truly takes.

  1. Andrew Wood Acting Studio Blog

    Discusses the business of acting, getting work, and everything connected with becoming a better actor.

  2. MikesFilmTalk

    MikesFilmTalk is the culmination of four years spent building a site focused on the entertainment industry. With emphasis on film, television, YouTube, gaming and literature as well as interviews with professionals from the world of entertainment.

  3. Cranky Actress Blog

    Cranky is an award-winning, published playwright, a producer and also an actress.  Cranky writes about acting off the grid.  All the crazy truth about auditioning and working in indie no budget films and black box theaters in NYC.

  4. Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment

    Follow Matt, in his one-bedroom apartment as he takes on the city of Los Angeles and pursues his one true love: acting.

  5. An Actor’s Life

    Wayne Burns, born in the small town of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, is an award-winning actor, who continues to act in theatre, film and television, a trained singer and an emerging creator.

  6. The Secret Life of an Actress


    Follow a French-Italian actress’ lifestyle. Auditions, shooting, castings, theatre, movies, etc.

  7. Backstage

    For more than 50 years, Backstage has been the most trusted place for actors to find career advice and casting information. Backstage is a place where actors, singers, dancers, and all performers can connect with the greater performing arts community. More importantly, Backstage is where performers can get all the information they need to succeed in the entertainment business, from what makes a great headshot to which acting coach may be right for them.

  8. Thomas O’Rourke An Actor’s Life

    Insight into the detailed life of a prestigious actor.

  9. Taste of Ginger

    Follow the insight of Ginger, who is an artist, musician and actress.

  10. The Actress Model

    This blog details auditions, bookings, general thoughts, rants, accomplishments, failures and more. Hopefully you’ll learn something new, be inspired, and be entertained by the author’s adventurous life.

  11. Los Angeles Acting Blog

    Los Angeles acting information and news; resources that help you to be an actor in LA.

  12. JB in Hollywood

    This blog chronicles the day to day experiences of Jeff trying to make it as an actor living in Los Angeles.

  13. Stars & Scripts

    Written by a 24 year old aspiring writer and actress, attempting to transition from aspiring to working.

  14. Living the Dream

    Actor in Los Angeles. Living life, living the dream. Enjoying the ride and coveting pugs.

  15. Acting Up In New York

    This blog is about life as a professional actor in New York, and also about actors who have inspired the author.

  16. Playbills v.s Paying Bills

    A blog written by actors for actors, they’re here to share stories, bits of advice, and helpful resources that they come across as they pursue acting careers in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, the three most competitive entertainment markets in the country. Whether you’re fresh out of college and looking to build a career in acting, or you’re a seasoned performer who wants to reach new audiences and further your brand, they’re here to help.

  17. Constant Audition

    Follow Joel’s story, an average guy who followed his dream to become an actor in New York.

  18. McPhillamy Actor Blog

    Colin McPhillamy trained as an actor at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Since then he has acted, directed, produced, written, and taught.

  19. Actress In The City

    Minnesota native who re-located to NYC in 2006 chasing her dream.

  20. My Actress Ramblings

    From hostess, to bar maid to actress, follow Melissa’s journey.

  21. An Actress Prepares

    Sascha is an actress in Seattle and has a BFA in Theatre Arts. Follow her experiences here.

  22. Actor 11102

    Blog written by an Astorian actor.

  23. NYC Actress

    Being an actress in NYC sounds glamorous on paper, but it is anything but. These are the true chronicles of one girl’s rise to stardom . . . or rise to at least being able to pay her bills.

  24. The Voice of an Actor

    Written by an actor born and raised in Queens, New York. Sean has played several roles in the theater and independent films. Follow this blog where he shares his experiences.

  25. Actor Growth

    Alan is an actor residing in Vancouver, BC. The goal is to document and provide insight about his efforts and experiences in establishing a career in the acting business.  Whether it is learning the necessary skills to be a good actor or how to get seen, it is his hope that documenting his experiences will create an entertaining and resourceful site for the public.


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