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    How to Build a Stellar Expertise As a Freelancer

    November 18, 2015

November 18, 2015

How to Build a Stellar Expertise As a Freelancer

Tips for Freelancers

Expertise is everything. It gives you confidence, it puts you ahead of the pack and it helps you make money in the end. However, it’s not as easy as writing that line. For freelancers, expertise doesn’t come easy. It’s not handed over in a platter, and it’s a lot more harder than anyone wants to give credit for.

Here’s how you build your expertise as a freelancer, a few other Tips for Freelancers, and doing things for free is not one of them:

Do Performance oriented work


The difference between doing work for free and doing work for performance or results is this: you’d still get paid for results when you do performance related work. If you are a freelance marketer, you’d produce leads or sales and get paid for it.

If you were a freelance photographer, you could take photos and sell them online and make money when sales happen. You get the idea. The best part about producing results and getting paid for it is that your confidence levels shoot up.

When clients do reach out to you, just name your price.

Give Importance to relationships, not cash


It’s understandable that you’d think of invoices, getting paid on time, and cash flow. Managing your finances is a huge responsibility you’d have to deal with. Because this is how it is normally, putting “people” ahead of “payments and cashflow” is understandably hard.

That’s the point where successful freelancers take a different approach. It’s at points like these that they start putting people first, thereby securing cashflows, establishing long-term contracts, and more.

Put in the work


As a freelancer, your work should speak for itself — be it your spec work, client list, your website, your blog, or your portfolio. Your portfolio or a visible presence on the web is the only way to prove your expertise. Where you hold the rights to your work and you are allowed to showcase, you should.

Show and tell, instead of talk and talk.

Facilitate social proof


The best way to build an expertise is when a few others can vouch for you. Provided you do everything you can to work hard, provide exceptional work, and prove your worth to your clients, they’d do all the “establishing” for you. But no one is going to put in the work without some facilitation from your end. You’d need to make it easy for your clients to give you reviews, testimonials, and more.

Setup your Google+ account and collect reviews, make it a habit for customers to share a good word on other social channels. You get the drift?

How are you building your expertise?



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