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October 15, 2015

5 Solutions To Build Your Website Without Help

website solutions for freelancers

We’ve always believed that a website is your primary gateway to your freelancing business. It’s your way to ensure that you are found in search, that you have a portfolio to show, that your blog can be your voice, and your social presence is justified.

Earlier, the very act of having to look for a designer or a developer was a painful process. Thankfully, today you have access to incredible tools that make a website just as a far as a few clicks. Here are a few solutions to build your website without help from developers or designers:



The self-hosted WordPress option is one of the most popular options out there for the entire world to get pampered with a website. If you have a hosting account, chances are that you can be up and running with the self-hosted WordPress version (this is different from WordPress.com – the managed and free option from Automattic).

WordPress has an impossibly huge range of themes for you to choose from, not to mention plugins and the humongous community of people to help you.



Register, login, pick a template, tweak the template, and you are ready with a website. Wix is one of the easiest website builders out there and if you are not in the least technically inclined, Wix was built for you.

Last time we checked, they even have a template specific for freelancers but the templates do not limit you in any way. You can literally pick and work with any template. Wix also lets you connect various apps to give extended functionality, work on SEO, social media, and more.



Weebly recently released Carbon bringing it to the same level Wix is at. You can now signup and build out awesome websites that are lightweight, SEO ready, and completely responsive (great to look at across devices).

Just like Wix, Weebly also lets you to connect with apps that give you extended functionality – all the way from booking appointments to going ecommerce.



Mozello is touted as the world’s cheapest and yet efficient website builder. The interface is by far the simplest among all the other options on this list. You have plenty of mobile responsive templates to choose from and you can also edit your website right there on the browser.

You can start for free and pay when you are ready. Hosting comes included in a single monthly price you pay.


While SquareSpace isn’t as open as the other options out here, there’s really no need to be. SquareSpace is a slightly closed ecosystem but it can help you create websites that are really slick and advanced. SquareSpace also allows you to build a logo right off the bat and your website creation off a template is just a matter of few clicks and some content.

SquareSpace also lets you go ecommerce quickly with its simple to use interface.

Which of these options would you go with?