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    What Does It Take To Succeed As a Freelancer?

    August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015

What Does It Take To Succeed As a Freelancer?

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It’s the neo economy you are in, and it’s time to disown anything to do with the old.

Freelancing is the new normal. It’s the ultimate answer to an ever-growing need for many entrepreneurial souls to stand on their own feet and to start their own thing.

What was once a fancy job is a reality today. Millions, who were once a part of the regular workforce, now throng to the bright prospects of freelancing.

According to Quartz,

“ In the EU, 14.5% of the workforce fell into the category “self-employed” in 2010. In the US, every 3rd person was self-employed in 2006, and forecasts predict this will increase to 40% by the year 2020.”

However, freelancing is just as anything entrepreneurial. It has its share of ups and downs. Freelancing can prove to be draining, exhaustive, and downright scary.

Not if you knew what it takes to succeed:

Have guts


Freelancing isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s not for the meek. It’s not for the lazy. It’s also one of the worst ways to make “quick money”.

Freelancing is everything entrepreneurial. You’d start with nothing but passion, a vision, and sheer tenacity. You’d have nothing but guts and skills. Glory follows only if you follow through.

Successful freelancing requires you to talk (and pitch) to complete strangers, network like there’s no tomorrow, attend conferences you never knew about, and to generally stay on top of you game.

That isn’t easy.

Be ready to say No


Success is more about saying “no” than it is about saying “yes”. Saying yes to everything that comes your way, taking the plunge with every project offered to you, agreeing to work with every client, and not being selective with your projects generally puts a lot on your pretty little plate.

Too much on your plate leads to reduced efficiency, suffering productivity, and the possibility of working with clients from hell.

When you ever get into situations like these, you are facing an all-too-common burnout phase.

That’s something you can avoid just by saying no. Remember, you are in complete control of how you feel by choosing what (and with whom) you work with.

Upgrade Skills. Upgrade Skills. Upgrade Skills.


Successful freelancing isn’t so much about what you know than it is about what you are willing to learn. One of the common traits found among successful freelancers is their willingness — and speed – to pick on new skills.

Writers eventually learn some HTML5 and CSS3. Designers end up learning how to blog. Almost every freelance does learn a thing or two about digital marketing (and they must).

The ability to adapt


There’s never a day in a freelancer’s life that looks alike. Days change, clients come in and go out, and you’d never know when you are going to get paid. For some freelancers, you don’t even know where you are going to work from.

That’s a stark contrast to regular job goers and full-timers. Successful freelancers handle uncertainty well. They adapt quick. They make do with what they have, and they plan for unforeseen events that unfold anyway.

DO you have it in you to succeed? Are you already successful? Would you like to share your story with us?


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