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    Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs: 10 Ways to Make Money Working from Home

    January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs: 10 Ways to Make Money Working from Home

Stay at Home Mom

In these tough economic times, as a stay-at-home mom, you want to contribute to the family income and are thus looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities to make money while also staying closer to your kids. When every dollar counts, you cannot waste your time on deceptive opportunities that promise you the sky but are big time frauds.

After kids, your responsibilities have doubled as a parent. If a work-from-home opportunity promises to change the world for you and is up for grabs, would you not pounce on it?  But the moot question is what can you do to get your share of the work-from-home pipe?

Let’s see!

Like many other parents, you have sacrificed financial security in order to stay with your children. But in one corner of your heart, you want to earn extra money by doing something flexible and home-based, so you can contribute to your family finances while simultaneously having a mommy magic time.

Starting your career as a stay-at-home mom can be a big hassle, because you are unsure whether the opportunity knocking at your door is legitimate or not. But there are genuine opportunities as well that can open the doors of a dream life for you.

  1. Writer/Editor

You can supplement your husband’s income by working as a freelance writer for a few hours a day while the child is napping or there is downtime around the house. If you have sharp English writing and language skills and are confident to write good content, freelance writing can prove to be a golden opportunity for you.  It’s easier to find freelance writing work in on-demand freelance platforms, such as Peer Hustle, where you can connect with potential clients and start working immediately. What’s more, you can also write blogs, articles, web content, and marketing collateral for clients and kick-start your freelancing career.

When I started as a freelance writer, there weren’t many opportunities, as the field of freelancing was still new. However, my self-confidence to sell my words kept me going and my persistence & commitment to produce the best quality content for clients has helped me stand apart from the competition.

If you have proofreading or editing skills, then you may be a highly sought-after independent contractor for companies seeking your experience to provide final touches to their content.

  1. Designer

Use your creative skills to create beautiful things and make some serious income from home. Vintage and homemade products are trending these days. So if you are good at creativity, leverage the well-known online stores to sell your stuff and make money doing something you are passionate about.  Can you design appealing totes, bags, mugs, T-shirts, posters, and other printables?

Research a little about your competitors. What are they selling and how can you be different from them to make an impact in the market? Give potential customers a visual feel for your products by clicking appealing photographs that add 5 stars to your product and convince them to click the buy button. Remember, one happy customer can easily translate into a customer for life. Additionally, they can spread the word about your products and make you widely popular!

  1. Consultant

There are specialized online consultant jobs available for skilled & knowledgeable people like you. Whether you have knowledge of marketing, accounting, finance, or numbers, you can offer your advice for a fee and make a good income from home. Some clients may be interested to visit you personally to get consultation. It may help to keep your home office ambience clean and welcoming.

When you are working as a stay-at-home marketing consultant, package yourself in a way that the potential clients do not hesitate to trust you. Join groups online to connect with people from the industry. You may use a marketing brochure, sales letter, or portfolio to spread the word about your services and impress prospective audience to do business with you.

  1. Transcriptionist

You may choose to be a medical transcriptionist if you have a good ear and can type quickly. From patient medical histories to electronic medical records, physical exam reports, and referral letters, there is a lot to transcribe in the health industry. Same is the case with the legal industry. With the advent of digitalization, medical & legal facilities have to get an electronic version of all records. If you can quickly type the audio & video words into secure written files, you may choose to work as a medical or legal transcriptionist.

Additionally, there are people that record podcasts, webinars, and teleconferences. They often need a transcriptionist to transcribe their audio/video files, so they can share the written copies of the discussion with their audience.

You can make a decent income as a work-from home transcriptionist.

  1. Bookkeeping

If you have good money management skills, use them to work as an online bookkeeper and manage a company’s books. As a bookkeeper, your responsibility is to track client accounts and keep a record of receivables & expenditures.

A number of handy software tools are available with support applications that can make your job easier and help you work with the financial information of clients.

  1. Virtual Assistant

If you are super organized, you might want to consider a virtual assistant gig coming your way. Clients could include a business looking to save money by hiring a virtual assistant to handle e-mail, data entry, scheduling, transcription, and travel arrangements.  In order to be a virtual assistant, it would help to have excellent organizational, administrative, and time-management skills. If you are good at organizing things and can relieve your client of a multitude of everyday tasks, you can make money working from home as a virtual assistant.  As a VA, you will either have to refer complex issues to the client after reviewing them closely or deal with all customer issues yourself.

  1. Translator

Jobs for Moms

An increasing number of businesses are on the lookout for translators as they expand their global reach. This is certainly good news for people who know more than one language. If you have the ability to read, speak, and write fluently a non-native language, such as Spanish, Chinese, French, you can make good money as a stay-at-home translator.

There is a lot of translation work in Spanish, followed by French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Sign up for an on-demand freelance marketplace, like Peer Hustle, where linguists and clients meet and start getting translation assignments right away.

  1. Data Entry

There is a lot of data entry work online. If you are good at typing and enjoy a high speed, then many companies are looking for you. Though it may not be the flashiest of jobs, it certainly ensures that dollars keep trickling in while you provide ample time for kids.

Data entry requires simple tasks – sourcing & collecting information for the client’s business – to ensure smooth processing of bulk data. As a data entry specialist, you should be able to read and type and enter data into the client’s system. The freelance industry is brimming with data entry jobs for the right person. If you are a right fit, you’ll be flooded with data entry gigs.

  1. Babysitting

Do you love children and can run after them here and there? Can you look after their needs to entertain them and keep them happy? Have you decided to quit your 9 to 5 job to raise your kids and spend more time with them? You could think of starting a home daycare center. As a babysitter, you’re responsible to ensure that the kids follow their meal and nap time and stay healthy and happy with you.

The best thing about opening a daycare center at home is that you get enough time to spend with your kids. Additionally, your kids will have other children to play with, which will help in building their social and relationship-building skills and boost their cognitive development as they grow up.

  1. Online Tutor

Online tutoring is a wonderful work from home opportunity for stay at home moms who have good knowledge of a subject, passion to share with others, and positive attitude. You can utilize your skills and knowledge to tutor students online.

Starting an online tutoring business does not require any major investment. As an online tutor, all you need to do is have a high speed Internet connection and webcam, so you are available at the right time for students. You can have a successful home-based career working as an online tutor while sparing good time for your children.

At the end of the day, you will have no grudges, since you have done your best to raise kids while doing your bit to add to the financial income stream! Work from home is a blessing in disguise for stay at home moms, fathers, single parents, or anyone that wants to work independently and make money without the worries and hassles of a steady job.

The list of online home-based jobs is endless. So what are you still thinking? Explore all the options and jump-start a flourishing freelancing career as a stay-at-home mom!


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