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    How to Start Freelancing in Style

    August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

How to Start Freelancing in Style

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There are two kinds of the kind of start you can give for your freelancing: the normal way and the fantastic way. You are reading this now, and that tells us that you’d obviously want to start the fantastic way. Since life is too short to be “normal” and since you obviously owe it to yourself, the onus is on you to make the most of what freelancing has to offer.

If you are looking for a great start with your freelancing career, you should aim to get away from the “run-of-the-mill” and “met too” strategies almost everyone else is guilty of.

Here’s how you do it:

Where you look for work matters


First, join Peer Hustle and set yourself to work with some amazing clients.

Second, don’t bother with content mills – you know the kind of sites that’d make you write and then you’d get a share of income from Google AdSense earnings.

Third, consider branching out to freelancing bidding sites. They a great way to start your freelancing career but don’t make that your bread and butter (you’d need to eventually move away from bidding and winning projects).

Aim and reach out to the right influencers


Who you know matters in business. Right from the start, aim to build your network and real relationships. You got to have friends in this industry.

Look for influencers off social media and other channels available to you and plan to reach out to them. You don’t need to have an agenda. You don’t need to take help right away. Your intention is to build your network, and not to pitch.

Make a big bang with your portfolio


Although you might have to spend quite a bit of effort initially, setting up your portfolio right can do wonders to your pitching, the hustle, and the sales presentations.

  • If you haven’t worked with clients before or if you don’t have clips you can claim rights for, start a blog.
  • Since we are talking about a blog, a website would be great to go along with it. You’d typically need a portfolio-style website. Use WordPress and get started now.
  • Apart from the blog, reach out to publications that can showcase your work. If you are a writer, start a portfolio on Contently. If you are a designer of any kind, host your work samples on Behance and Dribble.
  • Make it a point to keep adding your latest work to your portfolio. Half-dead portfolios are as good as “no portfolios”.

Keep the engine running


As a freelancer, you’d never know what you’d end up with this month and then the next. Pure hustle is that one thing you’d need to start your freelancing right, and to sustain it as you go along.

You just have to do the following:

  • Get new clients
  • Keep the old ones
  • Deliver work on time, every time.

As long as you keep hustling and working to deliver beyond your clients’ expectations, you’d stay on the course of freelancing success.

How do you want to start freelancing?


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