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    How To Use Social Media For Freelancing Better

    August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015

How To Use Social Media For Freelancing Better

social media for freelancing
Freelancers need every possible opportunity they can get as a channel for marketing. Nothing works to a freelancer’s benefit in multiple ways than well-set up and well-managed social media accounts can. While social media can’t beat the power and longevity of email marketing, it’s certainly an almost free (you are still spending effort and time) and impactful way of marketing your freelancing business.

First things first: social media isn’t for selling. It’s not a place for you to pitch your products and services. It’s not meant for you to be a hawker of sorts, peddle stuff, and come across as pushy.

As Jay Baer of Convince and Convert puts it:

“There’s social in social media”

He can’t be more apt than that.

With that out of the way, let’s see how you can make social media work for your freelancing business:

Social profiles: set them up right


It’s the starting point, and it’s often overlooked. Many freelancers start off with Twitter handles, Facebook Fan Pages, and LinkedIn accounts but they don’t work to optimize each of those accounts. After you decide which social profiles you want to stay active on, you’d have to use what each of those social accounts give you.

Make sure you fill up your information right, setup cover photos and profile images. Be sure that your logo is optimized for social media (usually smaller in size than your usual logo size), and more.

You don’t want to start out half-baked and unprepared.

Hunt for the right people to follow


On one hand, you’d want to follow people, companies, and online publications that have direct relevance to the niche you operate in. Whether you are a transcribing specialist, designer, developer, marketer, or writer, you usually have a set of publications, individuals and other social accounts you ought to follow.

Beyond this, from a marketing perspective, connect with clients, vendors, other freelancers, and potential clients.

Get into conversations


If you were to think from a purely business perspective, you’d wonder what random conversations have anything to do with business, ROI, revenue, and profits.

We, however, forget that it’s people who finally buy from us. Your random conversations on social media are for those people. It’s for them to like you, trust you, and then buy from you.

Have conversations, build up your network, and get to know as many people as you can.

Use hash tags


Every social account today runs on hash tags. These little #hash tags have the power to make your account be visible to many others ( who aren’t your fans or followers yet). You’d have the power to amplify every single update you make on social media.

If you think of social media as a loud room, hash tags are like a public addressing system.

How do you use social media for freelancing? Share your thoughts with us


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