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    Self-Driven Initiatives Every Freelancer Should Take

    September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015

Self-Driven Initiatives Every Freelancer Should Take

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You took a decision; you’ll now have to live by it. You’ll make your money this way, and this is exactly how your career will play out. You’ll have no boss, colleagues, and water-cooler gossip. You’ll not have a steady paycheck, and you’ll know freedom like never before.

All of that goodness comes with responsibility. You can’t claim your freedom without a price to pay. Thankfully, there’s “good” even in what you’d need to do to succeed as a freelancer.

Every freelancer should start a few self-driven initiatives. Like, right now. Here are a few:

Become a publisher


No matter what kind of freelancing you do, start a blog and begin publishing. Keep the range of topics targeted at your customer persona – the typical client who has the problems you have solutions to. Your target market should derive value from reading what you publish. Inbound marketing begins from here.

Publishing your blog and doing all of that inbound marketing positions you as authority. It finally makes your clients come to you.

Plus, publishing makes you a credible brand. It tells the world you exist, and in style.

Expand your skill set continuously


Designers will end up dabbling with code. Freelance writers will end up doing graphic design — that’s how today’s demands for expanding skill sets are. Later, you’ll have to learn to manage, handle things you never did, and learn skills you never thought you would.

But that’s the key to freelancing success. While it’s good to focus on what you are best at, you’d always stay ahead of competition when you are multi-skilled.

Read. Then read some more


Reading is one of the most common traits found in common with the most successful entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others.

Reading good books, blogs, and magazines informs you, helps you stay abreast to change, and provides with you knowledge (and that’s power, clichéd or not). Make it a point to read all the time. For freelance writers especially, reading is mandatory. You can’t write if you don’t read.

Power of negotiation


While all of us find ourselves in situations where we have to negotiation. In the normal course of negotiation we don’t give it much thought. We just go through the motions. For freelancing, however, it’s pure business. You’d always want to come out with the winning hat.

Practice “asking” for what you want — keep it out there clean, short, and clear.

Network: because people bring money


It’s not networking as in counting the number of social media followers or your connections on LinkedIn or Twitter. When we say networking, we mean real relationships. How many people do you really know? How many people are you friends with? Who can you call out today on a first name basis for lunch or coffee?

Do all of the above and you have a freelancing career others can envy.

Are you doing it yet?

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  • Genuine Jobs, September 18, 2015 Reply

    Love the fact you included some tips about reading and expanding your skill set. Investing in knowledge and improving yourself is never a bad idea!

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