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    How to Promote Your Freelance Business, The Smart Way

    August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

How to Promote Your Freelance Business, The Smart Way

Promote Your Freelancing Business

Freelancing isn’t going to work for you without marketing. Irrespective of the skillset you posses, marketing is a mandatory skillset you ought to espouse.

Simply put, marketing puts food on the table. It helps you keep the lights on. It allows you to pay the bills, and is the main pillar of support for your freelancing business.

If you embrace marketing, you’d never have to go through the usual peak and trough cycles most freelancers have to put up with. Also, you’d be learning precious lessons, which enables you to handle any kind of business tomorrow.

Whether you are a veteran freelancer or a rookie, you’d need to promote your freelance business. Here’s how:

Cold calling and cold-emailing


Meeting clients offline is fine, and you’d still do well doing it. However, reaching out to potential prospects using cold emails and calls is still a great way to land your initial basket of clients. Although most people frown at the thought of having to call strangers, it’s still the good old way to add a few good clients at least when you are starting.

The blogging thing


Whether you are a designer, a writer, or an illustrator, starting a blog is mandatory. It’s a direct way for the world to see what you are capable of and it’s a great window for your clients to peep into your work. Apart from enhancing the appeal of your offering, acting as a portfolio of your work, and helping you to network, it’s also a great way for you to establish your credibility and build authority.

Your social/community presence


The trouble with your blog is that almost no one knows about it, unless it’s already popular. Assuming that your blog is popular, most people just forget that it exists.

That’s where your social media presence along with your constant presence in forums, groups, and communities helps.

Strategic partnerships


Chances are that you could partner with businesses selling products and services are related to your offerings but don’t directly compete with your services. For instance, web designers or developers can’t form strategic partnerships with digital marketing agencies. Marketers can tie up with web designers. You get the drift?

Finding Creative Ways to Market


We know a fashion designer who was struggling to find high-quality, profitable ecommerce and traditional businesses that deal with fashion goods and accessories. She realized how hard it was to find new clients for her freelancing business and so she went looking for these businesses off affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ShareaSale, and others.

Normally, these affiliate networks are frequented by merchants and their affiliates. We just don’t realize that those same networks are also niche directories with contact information that freelancers can use to directly reach out to those companies.

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