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    Part Time Jobs for Teens and Students

    November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015

Part Time Jobs for Teens and Students



Finding a part-time job while studying can be a daunting task for a teen or student, but doing so does give you some amount of financial freedom. Of course, balancing work with classes makes you more disciplined and provides you with much-needed autonomy. Additionally, you learn how to be more responsible and handle responsibility, manage money & time, and deal with people.

Whether you choose traditional part time jobs for teens, such as babysitting or lawn care, or wish to tread a professional or entrepreneurial path, such as computer repair services, there are a lot many options to explore. A less intensive temporary job can be a great learning experience that can help you learn useful life skills.

I started working during my teens babysitting my younger siblings, toddlers of relatives, and neighborhood kids. I thought this was the best part time opportunity for me at that age, for I didn’t have to travel far and wide to make some money. The best part is I learned how to handle toddlers while staying calm and not losing my temper. True, managing small children can be a big challenge, and this experience has certainly helped me control my temper even in distressing times.

Part Time Jobs for Students

Working part time while studying gives you the green signal that you are stepping into adulthood, so you should start to earn money to pay for your interests and favorite activities. The type of part time job you choose should be based upon your skill set and ultimate career goals, which will ensure that you gain experience as you grow and grow up as an experienced professional.  Peer Hustle is an on-demand marketplace for students, teens, and professionals to look for gigs and meet prospective clients that can provide you the work of your interest.

  • Lawn Care

You could make easy money by offering to do yard work for your busy neighbors. If lawn care interests you and are prepared to rake the yard, mow lawns, cut grass, and trim hedges, you could make good money for your efforts. Not only this, you also get to enjoy the sunshine on a cold winter day! Your family’s lawnmower can come in handy and make lawn care a real part-time money-making opportunity for you.

  • Pet care

Animal care jobs are some of the most sought-after part-time jobs for students and teens. If are a pet lover, this could be an opportunity to make some income while doing something that interests you the most.  In fact, you could make money during summer holidays when families plan holiday travel, providing potentially lucrative opportunities for students and teens to care for their pets in their absence. Pet walking services can be offered all through the year! Teens can also offer pet waste removal services and earn money cleaning out animal cages. Get some hands-on experience as an animal shelter worker if you want to become a veterinarian.

  • Tutoring

Tutoring is big business now. Parents are ready to pay good money for tutoring their kids. If you have a good grasp of a subject, use your knowledge to help other kids. You could offer to help an elementary school student with reading, or a junior get those calculus questions right. Register yourself in the Peer Hustle platform and start looking for tutoring gigs. As a private tutor, you can set your own schedule with clients and enjoy helping others learn.

  • Retail

Many students and teens find retail jobs interesting, which comes with diverse work options. You can expect to make anywhere between $11 and $13 per hour in a retail outlet. The pay depends upon the duties involved, which may include product demonstrations, standing behind a counter, stocking shelves, offering customer service, handing out samples in grocery outlets, or operating a cash register. Retail jobs are perfect for teens that are sociable and have no problem interacting with customers. This type of part-time job for teens offers you experience to deal with clients and customers. Additionally, you will learn time management, money management, responsibility, and customer service.

  • Babysitting

You may have a relative or neighbor who may be looking for a babysitter. Grab that opportunity to make some money. Ideally babysitters work Friday and Saturday, so you have the entire week to complete homework, participate in school-related activities, or do some other part-time work. Parents are ready to pay more when they are crunched for time.

  • Golf Caddy

A perfect part-time work activity for teenagers who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, caddying requires an understanding of the game. Of course, you got to have some physical endurance, since this requires a lot of walking and carrying a weighty bag. However, the pay is good, and you can expect to earn $50-$100 for working for about four hours.

  • Personal Assistant

Working as a personal assistant is a lucrative part-time job opportunity for teens. Let the adults know that you can help them with personal assistant services. As customers gain trust of your services, you will get more responsibilities, which may be sporadic initially. More responsibilities mean more money. This type of part-time job could help you become more responsible and organized. You could start with $10 per hour and go up with expanded services.

  • Document and Photograph Archival

A number of people do not have time to get their old photos and documents scanned, archived, and stored. Many of them have thousands of photos clicked in the pre-digital camera era and would love to digitalize them to scan and safely store them online or offline. Of course, they don’t have time for this time-consuming task. Announce to your parents and their friends that you are available for document and photo digitizing services and can help them scan, store, and archive their old photos and docs.  It may help to set a price per item, depending on the amount of time it will take you to complete the tasks. The work can be tedious, and you must ensure that the documents and photos are handled carefully.

  • Restaurant Employee


You could choose to work as a line cook, busser, or server in a restaurant? Spread the word about your availability for work as a restaurant employee and ask restaurant owners in your community if they need any help. Working in a restaurant is a great way to interact with people and hone your social skills. This could go a long way in helping you become a better customer services staff member. Or you could also choose a full-time career as a chef when you grow up.

  • Movie Theater Employee

You have always been fascinated by movies. So why not choose a part-time job in a movie theater? Working in a theater may involve working as an usher, cashier, cook, busser, dishwasher, booth crew member, ticket sales staff, or server. As an employee, you will learn to work together to meet the needs of a busy movie crowd. If the world of cinema interests you, this is the job for you.

  • Housekeeping

Do you love to keep your house and surroundings neat and tidy? If yes, this job is for you. You could start with $10 per hour in a housekeeping job. You will learn responsibility and develop your organizational skills. Often hotels look for extra housekeeping staff during the rush season. This could be a lucrative opportunity to do what you love and make some cash. Even malls and parks also look for people to help keep public areas organized and clean. Simply grab the opportunity!

  • Warehouse

If you don’t mind using some muscle for loading and unloading inventory to and from containers and shelves, you could do well working in a warehouse. This type of job could be little monotonous but it’s okay as long as you are making money from it. Stay focused and keep moving to enjoy your work.

  • Car Wash Attendant

If you live in a warm area, you are almost guaranteed to stay busy washing cars. People are often looking for car wash attendants to get the job done. If you don’t mind wetting or ruining your clothing and enjoy working outdoors, you will enjoy doing this kind of part time work for teens. Not only this, you will learn to keep your car shiny and clean, without any cost.

When looking for part time work for students, you can take advantage of your unique abilities and skills and earn money. If word of mouth marketing doesn’t help, you can always find online mobile marketplaces, such as Peer Hustle, as one of the best platforms to find part-time work and keep yourself busy during holidays while making some money. Do not forget work experience learned at this stage of your life will make life much easier in adulthood, when you actually need to do something and make your career. No doubt, working part time can help you become a better student and enjoy a better future.


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