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    Top 4 Most Influential College Students

    November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015

Top 4 Most Influential College Students

Most Influential College Students

How cool it is to know that a 18 year old high school teen can win a $400,000 prize for creating a video on popular Einstein’s relativity theory. That’s called creativity. Some high school and college teens like to think creative and take unconventional steps. It sets them apart from the average.

Here is another inspiring story. Mark Cuban is a 57 years old American businessman, film producer, investor, author and philanthropist now. Needless to say, he is a billionaire today. However, he was only 12 when he started making money by selling garbage bags.

And when he was in the university, he used to earn $25 an hour for training disco to the campus sorority members. During an interview with Business Insider, he said that every high school and college kids need three things to earn money and become famous for creative/innovative ideas, forward thinking and hard work.

Below you’ll find a list of most influential college or high school students who are always persistent and never mind to follow their dreams.

18 year Old Teen Who Founded a Magazine


Business Insider featured her story. Kate Avino is a college kid who started a magazine called “Her Culture” with a team of 30 writers. It’s amazing to see how quickly the magazine became so popular. She runs the magazine in association with Hello Perfect, Molly & Fox magazine, MissHeard magazine and World Reader.

Avino also writes for Huffington Post. She is the member of the International Women’s Association and the National Association of Professional Women. Additionally, she is the editor of her school newspaper and the yearbook.

Teens Get Award for Inventing New Way to Harness Solar Energy


This story tells you just got to thoroughly explore your strengths and interests to get fame. Two teens named Crystal Brockington and Aaron Barron invented a more efficient way of harnessing the solar energy.

They did a cost analysis and figured out a product design which helped them invent the efficient solar cells which will include a new type of semi conductors. Their work got huge attention during the science fair and they received the best in the category award. They presented their work at the White House Science Fair.

These two are now few among the most influential college students globally.

The Kid Who Became Restaurateur At 16


The name of the boy is Flynn McGarry. No one imagined that a 16 years old boy could make so much money. His passion for food really worked out the best way it could. He started a pop up diner series. The food he serves costs around $160 per person.

His recipes are that much famous. He is one of the most influential kids who made it through excess obsession for passion.

Malala Yousafzai, Who Fights for Girls’ Education


Her story is very new and highly inspiring, indeed. She was shot by Taliban when she was on her way to school. Taliban has banned girl’s education. But, she spoke openly against it and actively participated in creating awareness.

Despite the attack, she didn’t lose her spirit. She still fights for the right of girl education, She own Nobel Peace Prize Award. The whole world now admires her for her unbeatable courage and enthusiasm.

Nothing can really stop you from getting what you want if you’ve persistence. Doesn’t matter if you’re a college student. Get an idea and live it.


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