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    Freelance Writers: How to Find More Marketing Channels

    September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015

Freelance Writers: How to Find More Marketing Channels

Freelance Writers

We’ve been talking about direct hustling for a while now and while it’s the usual norm, there are many other ways to bring in business through intermediaries and channels. Business is as much (of not more) about hustle as it’s about networking. Sometimes, it’s in your best interest to reach out to agencies, intermediaries, brokers, and other businesses that don’t directly compete with you.

By reaching out to these parties, you essentially bring in leverage to your freelance writing business. Here are marketing ideas for freelance writers and what you need to do with them you do find them:

Peer Hustle

Look no further than our very own Peerhustle to bring yourself a steady list of well-paying, carefully chosen clients for your freelance writing business.

Depending on the power of local communities, and the increasing demand for freelance writers, PeerHustle is perfectly positioned to be your freelance career boosting secret. Without having to advertise or market yourself from scratch, your freelance career goes where you go.

Freelance networks


While freelance networks such as Upwork, Elance, and others can give you a hard time when you go looking for the right clients and the right payout to work with, you do find good clients to work such platforms.

Pick a strong bunch of 2-3 networks just so that you’d have an alternative channel to source business from.

Most freelance writers wince at the thought of bidding on these networks. It could, however, be a great “breat-and-butter” strategy.

Job Sites, communities, and forums


Apart from the freelance networks, there are plenty of job sites, private communities, and forums that you can leverage and tap opportunities from. It’s a hard job since your direct (and valuable) contribution is required upfront ( but almost every other channel is like that).

Explore digital


Digital marketing – for most freelance writers would be limited to blogging, social media, and email. Almost no freelance writer ever tries the Pay Per Click route. Plus, there are tons of traffic buying sources, trackers, and other methods (including mobile-only) that are waiting to be explored.

Take your time and see how you can explore the vast world of online advertising.

Negotiate partnerships


Freelance writers can negotiate relationships with web design agencies, web development agencies, mobile app development agencies, content development brokerage houses, and many other intermediaries to form partnerships.

By thinking creatively, you can negotiate contracts where you could take up the bulk of copy, editing, writing, blogging, and other related works that you are good at.

Get into joint ventures


Joint ventures can be with practically anybody. Since you do freelance writing, you should aim to look for individuals or companies that provide something you don’t, but the services or products are closely related.

You can joint venture not just with services and products but also for general marketing.

Create your own affiliate program


While it’s a slightly more aggressive and a well-planned strategy, creating your own affiliate program can bring in thousands of eager, enthusiastic, committed, and focused affiliates who’d do all the marketing and promotion for you.

Only about 20% of affiliates will ever bring in results but it’s well worth the move since affiliates rely on their own expertise, contacts, skills and knowledge to make those sales numbers move.

What are the different channels that you think you can build for your freelance writing business?


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