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    5 Tips To Make More Money as a Software Developer

    November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015

5 Tips To Make More Money as a Software Developer

make money as a software developer

How to make money as a software developer? If you track these latest software development hiring trend of the giant tech corporations, you’ll understand how incredibly the recent advancement of the tech industry has produced many promising earning opportunities for the aspiring professionals.

Marc Andreessen, an American software engineer, investor and entrepreneur, drew a huge attention in 2011 because of his impressive comment on the growth of software engineering industry. He said that he believes software is eating the world.

A huge chunk of global investment will go to this industry and will be spent on talented software developers. Therefore, it seems an ideal time when you should research on the highest paying software engineering jobs, find out the most demanding skills, and develop an understanding of how you can make more money as an independent software developer in 2016.

Here are few things that can give you a good start and Make More Money as a Software Developer:

Read Vision Mobile Research & Survey Reports


Vision mobile is an app analytic company that tracks and captures the changing trend in the mobile, desktop app, IoT and cloud development segment. They survey, research and publish reports quarterly to elaborate skill and demand trend in the software development industry, and to compare the revenue models for the different professionals in the industry.

You will find one of their latest research and survey report here. The report will explain you which industry, or what type of software developing job can help you make more money than the others.

Research the Highest Paying Jobs in Apple


To understand which specific soft skill or technical and analytical skill will help you make more money, read the hiring trend and salary payment structure of giant corporations. As per Business Insider, Apple is one of the highest payers in the industry.

For example, people appointed as software engineer, software development manager, application software engineer make a great amount of money in Apple. If possible, research on these profiles to get an understanding of their skills, responsibilities and expertise which establish them as the most desired professionals.

It’s not to say that you ought to get a job; because you won’t as you are a freelancer. This is to show you that some skills pay.

Track Industries With Highest Demand For Software Developers


You really have to have idea of the industries that make a huge impact on the country’s economy. It has been seen that every one in twenty job openings in the US relates to software development.

Track which companies are recruiting most of the software developers in those markets and what types of skills and expertise they are demanding.

Start a Software Training Institute


Why not start a basic software training institute? Small businesses need people with basic understanding of graphic design, photo editing, excel and word. You can cover application fundamentals and start your own training programs.

You can also become an independent technology consultant to help candidates with career development and understand the growing skill demand.

Earn More Money as eCommerce Mobile App Developer


If you can develop mobile apps, the eCommerce industry can help you make more money in 2016. A recent study has revealed that mobile app developers, who created applications for the iOS devices made maximum money.

The basic reason behind this is that iOS device users have better purchasing power than android users, and therefore, can spend more money on online shopping.

Read more about the latest trends in the tech industry. You will understand which types of skills can help you make more money.


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