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    4 Tips To Make More Money As a College Student

    November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

4 Tips To Make More Money As a College Student

make more money as student

To make money as a college student, you need to explore your own interests, and know how to make a great use of it. Lele Pons is a 19 year old teen who has an ability to create 6 second comedy sketch. She knew what to do with it. She is now the most watched person on Vine. She has 3.4 million Instagram followers and around 384 thousand Twitter followers.

Similarly, Sean Belnick was barely a 14 year old child when he first launched bizchair.com, a site that sells different types of furnitures.

He initially invested just 500 dollar to get started. And by 2010, his site had a sales turnover of more than $58 million. Who said you can’t do it? To make money as a college student, here are few ways to make more money as a college student:

Start Your Own YouTube Channel


Sky is the limit in today’s world. Why not start your own YouTube channel? You can make a good amount of money via advertisements if you can develop and post popular videos. Although here the income is not instant, but, it works, as it can be a good long term source of money.

Jordan Maron has a great interest in video making. He is only 23 years old and has already made millions. He became a frontline news when he launched his first YouTube channel named Captain Sparklez at the age of 18. His channel features different videos of Jordan playing Minecrafts.

Build Your Own Tutorial Website


Ideas need to be well executed. What you can do most efficiently? You must have an expertise, right? You can build a website where you can post DIY videos. Or, you can write and publish tutorials which explain how to become an expert graphic designer.

Heard about Ashley Qualls? She is now an American entrepreneur. But when she started her first website, she was only 14 years old. Yes, she started whateverlife.com that provides HTML tutorials.

She had incredible success with the site as she could generate 7 million visitors for her site monthly. Her major source of earning is advertising revenue.

You Can Sell What You Can Make


Are you a good art and craft person? Are you a good photographer? If you can create something good, you can sell it online via your website locally. There are ample numbers of opportunities available for people who really want to make a good use of their skills.

Moziah Bridges is a kid who who runs his own $150, 000 business. He started his business at the age of 9. He sells Bow ties on his site.

He even supplies bow ties to basket ball players. He has created his own collections of amazing ties. He has huge followers on Facebook and sells his products on Etsy. Do you now understand how having a skill, expertise or interest can help you make money easily?

Why not Become a Trainer?


There is nothing odd in that. You can become a fitness or sports trainer. If you don’t have a certification, it’s ok. You don’t always need to be a certified professional to begin with. You can start teaching exercises or sports to people close to you.

And once you start earning money and gain popularity, you can gradually use that money to get certification and become a professional. You can also make it a long term profession if you’ve interest in it. You can make your own fitness videos and sell online.

This is how you can earn a good amount of money when you’re a college student. Any new idea you would like to share?


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