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    5 Ways To Make Clients Love You More

    October 29, 2015

October 29, 2015

5 Ways To Make Clients Love You More

make clients love you
Basics of client management are simple. If you want to gain client’s trust and confidence, you’ve to prove that your’e worthwhile. But that’s not all. Few mistakes can ruin your months of hard work and relationship with clients. World’s most successful freelancers suggest you need to expertise client relationship management early in your career.

Expertise and skills are necessary for accomplishing a task. But, how do you manage client expectation? How do you deal with a hard to please client?

How do you ensure your personal life is not compromised because of wrong professional commitments? These 5 tips can help you make clients love you more and build long term business relationship and make clients love you more.

Choose Clients Wisely


It’s the first rule of successful client relationship building. You really need to be sure who you’re working with, at least, in the beginning of the career. A successful long term professional relation depends on mutual support and collaboration. It’s equally important for you to know if you will be comfortable working with the client.

Do a background or company research before you put your proposal before the client. It will also help you understand client’s general relation with other freelance workers. Two out of ten failed professional relations is acceptable. But, if the ratio is more than 50 per cent, that’s a suspicious scenario.

Be Bold to Set a Right Expectation


Remember to set a right client expectation in the very beginning of the project. Communicate clearly and request the client to let you know about his expectation from the project. Be bold to clearly communicate and inform the client about all possibilities. Make sure your client knows the deliverables before you start working.

Set a right client expectation to keep your professional relation healthy. If you can’t provide something, don’t hesitate to say no.

Do Not Over-promise


Be sure of your own abilities. Will you be able to deliver what you promise? Your relation with your client will likely to ruin if you can’t provide what you ensure to give. Be professional. The success of your freelancing career and long term relation with client will depend on trust and belief.

So you’ll have to make sure clients trust your words and promise. If you promise to over deliver, but can’t do that, it will gradually affect your professional credibility. Better, promise less and try to over deliver.

Be Polite During the Tough Times


You can’t expect to have smooth business times always. There will be some rough times when you’ve to be patient, sit with the client and talk about the problems. Never lose temper, or be rude to client during the meetings or interaction.

Contradiction of opinion will always be there. But when you handle a difficult time responsibly, try to be patient and provide solution, client’s trust on your ability increases. Maintain your dignity. Respectfully deal with your clients, no matter how difficult is the situation.

Learn to Deal With Criticism


It will be hard to satisfy a difficult client. Some clients will have greater propensity to criticise. But, you’ve to learn to deal with them. Try to stay calm and professional. Rather than taking the hit, address your client’s complaints politely. Respond to his concerns and explain.

There will be moments when you will feel lost and impatient. But, if you love what you do, you will definitely figure out ways to resolve a concern. Clients are normal people. They also have emotions and understanding ability like you. You just have to be honest and clear to them, and gain their trust gradually. And soon you’ll have many happy clients in your list.


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