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    Learn To Code: Two Unlikely Freelancers Who Picked Up Coding Skills 

    December 15, 2015

December 15, 2015

Learn To Code: Two Unlikely Freelancers Who Picked Up Coding Skills 

Learn to Code
Science says when you give your brain a chance to exercise, you become smarter. Human brain is like a muscle. You will have to live a cognitively active lifestyle to help your brain work to an optimum level. This is why coding is considered an excellent tool for brain growth. Coding engages your brain muscles and improves cognitive functions.

You will be amazed to know that people with no technical background learned to code and made a huge success with their career. Many of them didn’t have any pre-decided plan to learn programming. However, these are the people who love to be driven by the inspiration to do something different, the enthusiasm of innovation and creativity.

Below you will find stories of few amazing men and women who followed their heart, learned to code and made an excellent use of this skill.

A Non Technical Professional Made Surprising Success with Coding


Andy Graham had no relation with coding. Her education was mostly in visual art, strategic communication, and sociology. Her first job after graduation was in marketing.

She had to handle all marketing stuff for an education devision of a local arts college. She learned photoshop and Quark to design the flyers and brochures for marketing. But, during that time she also figured out some quick coding stuff which helped her make changes to their official website.

Andy didn’t stop there. She learned more about coding and started getting better and better. When her colleagues got to know about her new skill, many of them approached her for freelancing job offers. One of her friends approached her to help her realtor husband with his official website.

Eventually Andy started building her credibility as an excellent web developer. One of her clients gave her an amazing opportunity to start her own little digital agency where now she works on web designing, web development, app development, mobile projects, etc. Andy supports her family, the expenses of private school education, and sponsors family vacation being a self employed professional. Her digital agency has grown from 2 working members to 12 members.

How Coding Helped Unemployed Brad to Succeed Professionally?


Brad was very happy for being able to get a job at the age of 18. He got a job in finance in Royal Bank of Canada soon after he left his school. However, his career didn’t continue well for long. He had to leave his job for some reasons. And after that, he couldn’t manage to get a job for a significantly long time. He was unemployed.

Brad had no clue when his condition was going to change as he failed to receive any response from the employers even after appearing in dozens of interviews and filling application forms.

It was the time when Brad thought of learning some new skills. He always had an interest in IT. He attended a one day web design course organised by a company and immediately developed a craze for the niche. He learned more about coding with the help of online tutorials, hundreds of YouTube videos and attended a small duration course. He immediately managed to get a job in a tech company after finishing his course. Now Brad earns more working as a freelancer, building websites for clients, working for less number of hours. He still has the time to study coding.

This is how coding can help you change you life. Coding gives you a chance to manage your life and pursue your professional dream at the same time.


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