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    How Traveling The World Makes You a Better Freelancer

    December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015

How Traveling The World Makes You a Better Freelancer

How Traveling helps

A solopreneur’s mind needs lots of fresh ideas, inspiration, energy, focus and willpower to confront the endless challenges. You can train your mind to focus and concentrate effectively. But, travelling does a lot more good to you besides just re-energizing the brain.

The world needs people who can understand and solve critical problems. If you’re a freelancer, your expertise and hard work are going to help someone, or an organization in the end. However, you will have to keep some of your personality aspects always alive to be able to do that. You should be creative, adaptable, develop amazing communication and research skills, and a great learner.

Travelling can help you with all these. Would you like to know how travelling inspired many people to come up with new ideas, learn how to be happy and solve practical problems? Here are some amazing stories which tell how travelling the world makes you a better freelancer:

Nature Can be Inspirational


Being in the nature alone can be highly inspirational. A lot of people agree to the fact that simply travelling to the countryside, or a walk in the neighbourhood areas inspire them to think differently, or think out of the box.

For example, Jessica Swift is an artist and surface pattern designer. She needs lots of creative ideas to inflict to her work. She loves to take long walks in the nature. The color of the plants, leaves, shapes of flowers, trees help her produce beautiful designs.

People say her artwork is very inspirational and positive. Jessica believes her love for travelling and nature helps her put that flow of inspirational energy into her work.

Entrepreneur Found Business Idea When Travelling


When you travel, you get to see and know real life situations and problems. Chris and Will Haughey were on their business trip when they felt inspired to start a business to help provide employment to the poor people. They initially didn’t know what to do. But soon they found an amazing idea when travelling to Germany for their usual business meets.

They found the idea of manufacturing magnetic wooden blocks for children. This manufacturing process needed local people who knew the work and so could help them. They hired locals with fair wages to manufacture the wooden blocks. Additionally, they also train their employees about leadership, manufacturing and professional skills.

Entrepreneur Shares How Travelling Makes Him Incredibly Productive


Jay Meistrich is the CEO and co-founder of Moo.do. He travelled 45 cities in 20 countries. But, that he did leaving everything behind. He sold everything he owned and started his journey with just a 40 litre backpack. He believes he worked most productively when he was travelling.

According to him, when he was not travelling and was just working sitting in front of the computer screen for 12 hours a day, he was never so productive.

During his journey to different places, he was able to come up with better ideas. He loved his whole journey because it made him feel alive, healthier and creative. Travelling is very important to him now because it helps him manage his working hours. This is why now he is able to spend his personal and family time better than ever.

Travelling is important for the mind. Also, you need it because you get to become more cultural, learn time management, develop better communication skill, learn to face problems and become more flexible to different life situations.


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