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    How to Work and Freelance While in College

    November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015

How to Work and Freelance While in College

Working While in College 1

Your college life is not just about studying and attending classes, but it is also the time to learn how to become self sufficient. Being on your own without being dependent on anyone is a liberating feeling.  However, including a part-time job into your college schedule requires better planning and coordination so that you do justice to all of your obligations.

With a part-time job in addition to class work, you tend to become more organized and disciplined. When you start earning at a young age, you learn to spend wisely, since it is your hard-earned money. This goes a long way toward building a strong work ethic and rational spending behavior. Not only this, the sense of accomplishment that you get out of it is matchless.

How to Work While in College

Having a job while studying in college has more benefits than one – it gives you financial freedom and helps enhance your time management skills. Additionally, it helps you become financially empowered to pay the ever-rising cost of attending college. But it can be difficult to balance work-school schedule.

Fortunately, freelancing affords students the best opportunity to earn while attending college. The level of flexibility associated with work from home gigs does not have a match. In fact, the beauty of freelance work lies in the freedom to choose your hours and capacity. This is exactly what benefits students the most, who do not have much time to commit to work, apart from their studies. Undoubtedly, freelancing gives you a golden opportunity to be on your own and set your work hours to make money.

However, landing your first gig may be little difficult. Fortunately, with on-demand marketplaces, such as Peer Hustle, you can kick-start your freelancing career and set yourself up for a satisfying career while still attending college.  Such places bring freelancers and clients together and can be a boon for both – while clients get talented minds at work, students get the much-needed experience and money.

As a college student looking for some part-time work, you may want to turn to such mobile platforms to meet clients, market your services, and make some money.

As an added bonus, work from home gigs typically pay a higher rate than the average minimum wage, with more than half of students making between $20 and $59 per hour. However, this is certainly not enough to pay off your entire tuition fee, but it does contribute significantly to your career.

Working students tend to borrow less than those who do not. Hands-on knowledge gained through working part time while pursuing your education is an obvious plus on your résumé, particularly if it relates to your field of choice. Even if it doesn’t, the experience gained can benefit you in more ways than one, helping you learn highly desirable professional skills, enhance the ability to meet deadlines, improve time management skills, and work under pressure.

Working while in college instills a sense of responsibility, discipline while enhancing your ability to effectively structure time blocks.

Perks of Joining an On-Demand Marketplace

It is hard to trust just anyone on the Internet. You may be wondering whether to look for work online, fearing fraudulent activities. Of course, you do not want your hard work to go waste. As a student, you are working hard to take some time off studies, and losing your hard-earned money to fraud can be devastating.

Fortunately, there are some reputable on-demand platforms that ensure you get your time’s worth and are paid for your services. These sites are responsible for collection of payments from client and then deposition of the funds into your account, thus minimizing the risk involved in working with a range of people on a short-term basis.

Working on online platforms gives you an opportunity to hone your skills, lighten your debt burden, gain work experience, make money, and attract a stream of clients who could turn into your loyal clients in the long run.

With the flexibility and freedom to set your own work hours and be your own boss, you can be selective in choosing jobs that appeal to you while managing your full course load. Working while in college gives you the benefit of building a portfolio that can be your star attraction or a showcase of your skills and talent in finding permanent work in the future.

Working While in College 2

Freelancing gives you more flexibility and control over what you do to make money, so taking a few days off from work to prepare for tests or midterms won’t be a hassle. This would give you ample time for preparation and a confidence boost.

As college enrollment and tuition have increased, you may be interested in the following careers to earn some cash while attending school.

  • Content writer

If writing interests you, there isn’t a better freelancing career than freelance writing.  It requires you to custom create well-researched, engaging, and informative content according to client’s specifications. Since the content is ghostwritten, the writer will not get a credit for the work, except their fee. If you can produce an impressive paper, take to freelance writing and kick-start your freelancing career.

The idea of writing seems daunting to some people. Even I had never dreamed I would be working as a full-time freelance writer some day. However, some reliable online resources made it really easy for me to get started. Peer Hustle and similar on-demand marketplaces are the best platform to look for writing gigs.

Do a self-assessment of your writing skills and look for gigs that require quality writing. If your skills fit in with the requirements, you could soon join the ranks of the college students who launch their freelancing career as writers.

  • Virtual assistant

A number of work from home professionals take up virtual assistant gigs. As a student, you may want to join the freelancing bandwagon and become an administrative assistant who works remotely to provide services in proofreading reports, compiling data, arranging client meetings, handling communication & collaboration, and troubleshooting technical issues. However, working as a virtual assistant may be a challenge, as you need to match your client’s schedule. Fortunately, many clients are quite considerate and happy to accommodate a student’s needs.

  • Online tutoring

Use your knowledge or subject expertise to work part time as an online tutor.  This is a great option for students. Help other students understand their homework and class work through chat or video messaging.  It is a rewarding opportunity for students who want to make money while leveraging their knowledge to gain some work experience. This will help you gain better understanding of the subject and sharpen your skills.

  • Programmer

If you have taken higher level computer training, programming offers you the best freelancing opportunity as a student. Students with some experience in writing apps or knowledge in a programming language can easily find freelance programming gigs. If you have a good understanding of how the Internet works and know common computing languages, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and appreciate good design, you could become a freelance programmer. Programming experience can be a star attraction on your resume.

  • Internet marketer

Of course, a majority of students use social media for fun. But Internet marketing can be a lucrative career opportunity as a student. Creative minds that can help drive traffic to client websites by deploying social media campaigns and creating ads can find good part time work as students. If you can prove yourself as worthwhile to clients, you can make a good income working as an Internet marketer.

  • Data entry

This may include data mining, researching, copying, and pasting from one source to another. Most students prefer data entry for part time work, as it is easy to start and requires little to no training. Though it does not always pay a lot, it is the least complicated and does not require specific skills. If you know how to use a computer and the Internet search feature, you will find data entry as a simple work that you can speedily do in your spare time and make some income.

  • Survey

Taking surveys online is the easiest way to make money and working while in college. The work is best left for side income and does not pay much, though if you seek quick money making gig, take online surveys. Answer questions honestly and you can earn some extra cash.

Explore all your options and choose the one that interests you. Of course, you don’t want to be doing something that sucks. Choosing the wrong part-time job option can make your work-study job less desirable. Undoubtedly getting started and building a portfolio can be a challenge. It will get better as you keep trying.

Working while in college gives a fillip to your resume and boosts your chances of getting a better job upon completion of your studies. This could help you stand out from the crowd and land in a job of your dreams.


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