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    How to Use Video To Manage, Hire, Or Build Your Virtual Team

    January 29, 2016

January 29, 2016

How to Use Video To Manage, Hire, Or Build Your Virtual Team

Use videos to manage virtual teams

Video is a great means to tell stories. It can also be used for a lot of other purposes such as explaining things, teaching, showing complicated workflows, and a lot more. Apart from everything else, for virtual teams, videos is the closest you can get to being in person. Bring videos to manage your virtual team full of freelancers, and you’d never even feel that you have a remote team or a virtual company.

As for managing your virtual team and to manage your freelancers, here are different ways you can use video effectively:

Communicate your brand, goals, and vision


You are an entrepreneur and you have a vision. You’ve set out on a journey all by yourself and you’d probably glide along alone. Yet, you can use video to communicate the essence of your brand.

ItĀ comes out best when you communicate with stories, your personal experiences, and your vision for your company. Use videos — or a series of related videos — to communicate your story.

This way, your team understands better. Your freelancers see you for real. They are likely to believe you when you show up.

Describe complicated workflows


If there are set ways on how you do things or if there are processes you’d need your freelancers to follow, use videos or screencasts to show how it’s done.

Along with your voice and screen recordings, let your freelancers follow you along as you complete tasks. It’sĀ faster and more effective to do a screencast or a video recording than it is to write up a brief, with flowcharts, annotations, and more.

Teach, and Do it Well


Not every freelancer is trained. However, even experienced freelancers will find the need to understand your way of doing things.

Teaching or training your freelancers is best done over video. You could add annotations to videos, add cards, zoom in, zoom out, and highlight areas on your screen to point over to hard-to-explain concepts. You do this one time and it remains as a way for you to use these videos over and over for training and teaching.

Video to collaborate


Often, you’d need to get together with your team. A weekly huddle, a brief chat, or a really important strategic discussion about the project.

You can use anything from Skype or Google Hangouts to GotoMeeting.com and get your team together to collaborate, communicate, and discuss projects. Nothing goes better than a well-managed, focused, and intense team talk.

How do you use videos for your business? Do you think using video to manage your virtual team works great?


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