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    How to Use Twitter To Find Clients For Freelancing Business

    September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015

How to Use Twitter To Find Clients For Freelancing Business

How to Find Clients Using TwitterWe did write about how to use social media for your freelancing business, and also the right way to approach social media as a channel available for your marketing efforts. While we did write about how to use each of the digital marketing channels available to you to promote your freelancing business, we thought it’d be great to actually drill in and squeeze the most off every channel you have access to.

Twitter happens to be one of the busiest, most active, and rewarding social media networks for you and it’s time to squeeze it for your benefit.

Here’s how to use Twitter to find clients for your freelancing business:

Build real relationships


On Twitter, it doesn’t make any sense just to hoard up followers. What really matters is the quality of relationships you have. Follow influencers and your potential customers.

Follow the target audience you believe have the potential to use your services. If you were a freelance writer, for instance, you can follow individual bloggers, digital marketing agencies, web design/development companies, and many others.

Share Content to win


You are known by the content, insights, tips, and everything else you share on Twitter. While you’ll follow a methodical approach to sharing content, do share content the right way.

For instance, always give credit to the source of information you share. Mention magazines, online publications, startups, businesses, and people you can attribute the content to.

Get into Twitter Chats


Twitter chats are quick, they are happening, and they have the potential to change your business. Plus, you’ll see your follower base growing exponentially while also letting you to get in touch with many Twitter users you would not be able to find otherwise.

Twitter chats are also fun, apart from being amazing learning experiences.

Use Hash tags to your advantage


On Twitter, the hash tags you use are everything. It’s with hash tags that what you update on Twitter has the “amplification” potential. Using hash tags, you can search for news, information, tips, people, and companies. You can also use hash tags to find freelancing opportunities, jobs, and even make deals with other companies (depending on what you are looking for).

If you were a freelance writer, and if you were looking for jobs, you could use the following hash tags to get in touch with prospective clients.

#freelancewriter #wanted

Use Visuals


Every now and then, use visuals while sharing updates on Twitter. Visual content performs better than traditional text on all social networks (including Twitter). You don’t have to be (or use a) graphic design. Use simple and free tools like Canva to create the visuals you need.

How do you use Twitter to your advantage? Do you use Twitter to find new clients for your freelancing business?

Tell us all about your experiences.


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