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    How to Use a Temp Agency to Find a Job

    November 22, 2015

November 22, 2015

How to Use a Temp Agency to Find a Job

How to Use Temp Agency

If you are looking for a job and are unable to find one in these tough economic times, it can get quite stressing and overwhelming. Worry not! I have sailed in the same boat. Keep your mood upbeat and morale high and you will find one way or the other to jump-start on your dream career.

Whether you are a new graduate or a career-changer or somebody looking to make the switch to freelancing and part-time work, a temp agency can come to your rescue and give you something to cheer about.

While finding a permanent job may be difficult in this economy, you may want to consider temporary jobs to ensure money keeps tickling in. Something is better than nothing.

Tapping into the world of talent, temporary agencies provide an option for those worrying about the growing gaps in their resumes. Temping could make a big difference to your resumes and, of course, careers. Who would not want their resume to shine in front of potential employers?

Fill in the Gaps

A growing gap in your resume can do your career a lot of damage. Of course, if you have a blank-slate résumé, it will keep getting harder to find a job. Temp or employment agencies provide a way to fill in those gaps in employment dates. The temp agency is more like your advocate that represents you before a potential client and raises chances of your being hired, though for a temporary gig most of the time.

Temp jobs provide an excellent alternative to unemployment to those completing a graduation without a job. Temp agencies open the door to a stream of temporary jobs that can give you money without the commitment of a full-time job.

McKinsey Quarterly portrays a greener picture for temp agencies, referring hiring temps as the third top business technology trend to look out for, with more and more companies increasingly becoming interested to assign “more work to specialists, free agents, and talent networks.”

How to Get Started

Companies looking for temporary workers enter a contract with the temp agency, seeking to fill jobs with workers with appropriate skills. Temp agencies often deal with a specific niche or profession, such as accounting, information technology, health care, or office administration.

Candidates may be required to complete tests when applying to a temp agency, so that they can match you to relevant jobs. You’ll also likely need to submit a resume and a list of your skills and proficiencies so the temp agency can get a sense of which jobs you will succeed in.

Contact a good staffing firm with your resume. They will set up an interview to learn about your skills and the type of job you are looking for. A good recruiter has in-depth information about the job you are applying for. Additionally, recruiting or temp agencies also have jobs that aren’t posted, which means you could be a potential candidate for such jobs, provided your skill sets match with the job requirement. The temp agency may recommend you for something you didn’t even know existed.

As more and more businesses are looking to tap into the world of talent, statistics reveal that contract and temporary staffing agencies employ millions of jobless each day.

Yes, temping is your best way to build your resume and add valuable experience to your list while keeping paychecks coming. Of course, you are free to continue job hunting, seeking permanent work in your field.

Temping offers college students and career changers the advantage of facilitating career exploration. It can be a godsend for students looking for flexible work hours, giving them the flexibility to work around their academic schedule while making some money for tuition expenses. Additionally, it is a good work opportunity for someone with uncertainty about making career moves.

Getting a Foot in Your Career Field

If you get an opportunity to work on a temporary assignment for a company you wish to work for, grab it with both hands. Of course, it is an opportunity to prove your skills to the company.

Who knows the company you temp for may want to hire you as a permanent employee when a permanent position opens, with the temp staffing agency assisting in the process?

Yes, you have heard it right, if the company you are working with as a temporary employee is impressed with your skills, you may be lucky enough to get a permanent job there.

Their human resources staff would contact the temp agency you are employed with and inform that they are interested to hire your services. The temp agency would release you from its employment, so you may feel liberated to work for the new employer.

Meet an Array of People

Temping is a perfect networking opportunity, which allows you to work in more than one company. Not only this, when you work as a temporary worker for different companies at a time, you rub elbows with numerous influential people in client companies, who get to see your skills and acumen. Yes, this is your opportunity to dazzle and leave others impressed.

When working on temp assignments, you can grab the opportunity to show to potential employers that you are the best fit for their vacant position.

You Might Get a Job Offer

A number of employers are looking for not only hard skills, but also soft skills in a prospective employee. Doing your best work and being personable can help you present yourself as a good fit for the position and office. Who knows the company that uses your services as a temporary employer enjoys working with you and may get interested to consider you the next time there is an empty slot in their office.

Exposure to New Skills

Exposure to New Skills

The best thing about working with a temp agency is the freedom to choose the work of your choice. Working for temporary positions gives you the best way to polish typical office skills while providing you with a perfect opportunity to improve soft skills, such as organizational, socialization, and interaction skills. Temping is a great platform to learn a thing or two about business etiquette and handling difficult personalities at work.

Besides, the companies at which you work temporarily offer you the possibility of gaining referrals. Some employers may even want to hire you for a long term. According to temp agency statistics, 75 percent of people temping are offered full-time jobs.

Broad Experience

Temping is certainly the way to go for people who enjoy variety and new situations. As a temp worker, you will experience different types of environments, situations, and work with a variety of people. So you may use this experience to determine which environment best suits you.

Moreover, when you enroll for temp work, you can have a lot to learn about different job types specific to your niche, without a long commitment. Of course, this experience and knowledge can work wonders for your career when you decide to go for a permanent or full-time job.

The right temp agency will take the opportunity to help with your resume and offer career counseling.  Besides, it gives you opportunity to learn and unlearn a few things and using the client feedback can help you improve yourself all the way and become a better full-time employee. This makes it easier for you to tread your intended career path and accomplish your overall career goals.

Get Training

May be you are taking that first step toward building your career and thus have no work experience under your belt. You may be lacking some job skills when you approach a temp agency. Worry not! Training is available most of the time at temp agencies, which can help you learn work skills that are new to you. Some companies also offer on-the-job training to temps. You can use the training to gain practical work experience in your chosen industry.

Temping enhances your knowledge in your work area more than you can learn in the classroom. Besides, you get to work with some prestigious companies that have always topped your list of prospective employers. Not only this, proving your worth and acumen to such companies can get you a permanent position there.

No doubt, joining a temp agency can open up the door to a happy career.

Getting Started

To get on to your temping journey, come in touch with some of the leading names in the industry. Once the recruiter has a rough idea of the types of work that will be befitting your skills, you’ll be ready to start getting the required work experience. Temping also offers you the best way to explore the industry you want to build your career in. You also get to access hidden job opportunities working with a temp agency and take a career journey you have always envisioned embarking upon.

Peer Hustle is one such agency you would want to get connected with. Such mobile on-demand marketplaces are designed to connect you with temp gigs matching your skill set. Get access to a variety of gigs that interest you and kick-start your dream career.



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