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    How To Survive As a Freelancer During Holidays & Downtimes

    December 16, 2015

December 16, 2015

How To Survive As a Freelancer During Holidays & Downtimes

Survive as a freelancer

You’ve to make contingency plans for the bad times. There will be downtimes in every business. But, if you’ve a proper plan in place regarding how you want to use the time, you have nothing to worry about.

Why not productively use the free time during the holidays and downtimes? Freelancers will have slow business during the holidays and some unfortunate economic situations. But, why not see the situation with an optimistic perspective? As you will not have any heavy work burden during the downtime, you can use the free time to learn something new. Below you will find few amazing tips on how to survive as a freelancer during the holidays and downtimes.

Use Holidays to Re-energize Yourself


Holidays are amazing opportunities to refresh the mind. You can plan some amazing travelling to free your spirit from all the stress and business targets. During this free time, practice mindfulness. Go to some tour and spend some time alone with yourself.

You need to do self assessment. Are you really doing everything possible to make your freelancing career an amazing success? What are your ultimate goals? What have been your achievements in the past few years. Did you really improve?

You need to ask yourself all these questions. This will be the time when you will have ample amount of time to understand your goal. So, use it in your favor.

Use Downtimes to Learn New Skills


Why not learn a new skill if you’ve got some free time in your hand? Depending on your professional expertise, you can choose to add helpful skills which will add value to your expertise. Even if you think you’ve interest in something really off the track, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important that you learn a new skill. Learn music, art, cooking, creative writing, coding, etc, whatever you have an interest in.

Learning new skills improves cognitive abilities. Few things, like coding, video gaming, graphic designing are especially very helpful in improving mental health and resilience.

Study the Mistakes Committed in Business


If you’ve not much work in hand due to downtime, you can do an in depth analysis of your overall performance for the past few years. Find out the mistakes and accept them. Analyze what were the reasons when you had to lose some projects or couldn’t deliver projects on time.

Try to see if there is any common professional mistake, or personal problems which are causing the nuisance again and again. Use this free time to learn to get over your weaknesses.

Make a Business Plan


This will also be a great time to develop a business plan. Developing a business plan needs a huge amount of time. You certainly can’t do this during the hectic days. You will need to sit down, have enough time on hand and seriously think and consider your future goals when developing the business plan.

Ideally, the free times during the holidays and downtimes will be great for this.

Read Books on Mind Positivity


Improve your mindset, learn ways to build resilience by reading a lot about positive psychology and mind positivity. Give yourself a chance to improve.

Learning is never going to stop for a freelancer. So, use this time to learn more about mind development. Improve your mental stamina to perform better even in the toughest situation of the present.


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