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    How to Really Make Your Portfolio Stand Out

    December 11, 2015

December 11, 2015

How to Really Make Your Portfolio Stand Out

make your portfolio count

You’ll have to work hard to make your portfolio standout. Nothing apart from experience can add value to your portfolio. What clients want to know? Client is most interested in your expertise and exposure. Client would like to know if you really can use your expertise to help him/her accomplish business goals.

You’ll have to work hard to showcase your expertise and skills. You’ll have to prove that you understand client’s problem well, and so can help with adequate solution. So, what are the things that you will need to make your portfolio standout? Below you’ll find what professionals have to say about it:

Add Success Stories


Why would clients believe that you can do what they are asking for? Scott Belsky is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and currently the vice president of Adobe.

He talks a lot about how to build a stunning portfolio which can help professionals outshine in the crowd. According to Scott, you’ll have to make your portfolio like a story.

Add brief information about how did you become a freelancer, your vision, your goal and ambition to the portfolio to help client understand how serious you’re about you profession. Also, don’t forget to add your success stories. If you’re a client and trying to find a suitable freelancer for your project, wouldn’t you like to know if the applicant is experienced and an achiever?

Show Case Studies of Successful Projects


Only mentioning successful projects in the portfolio will not be enough. You will have to showcase how did you help clients with their projects. Client would love to know your understanding of the problem, your problem solving ability and your approach to challenges. Being able to solve a problem is not always what clients look for.

But, as a recruiter, client would like to see how good you’re at making your best efforts. You will have to define your abilities to handle a project, deal with the criticality of a project and provide the best possible solutions.

Show Diversity of Skills


Clients would like people who can manage several tasks so that he/she doesn’t have to waste time finding people for each small jobs. For example, if you’re a writer, but you also know some internet marketing best practices, it will increase the chance that the client will hire you.

Why, you ask? It’s because client will think that you can also help with some online marketing essentials, besides providing some writing work. Diversity of skills will give you competitive advantage.

Promote Your Blog and Website


If you have a blog or a website, mention that in your portfolio. Although it will not ensure that the client is definitely going to hire you, but, it adds value to your portfolio.

Yes, if you have an awesome blog or website that talks about your achievements and can show few client testimonials, that would be an added advantage. Client will get practical idea about your work samples, your successful projects and what other clients say about you. You can also add your social media profiles for that.

Share Your Professional Circle of Influencers


The social media profiles, your connections on those profiles, followers, etc will help client understand your professional credibility. This will give the client a ready idea about your professional engagement, type of people you’re associated with, and your professionalism.

These are few of the ways to build a portfolio that can stand out from the average ones. A portfolio with all these details will improve your credibility and improve chances of getting hired.


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