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    How to Move Ruthlessly Forward as a Freelancer

    December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015

How to Move Ruthlessly Forward as a Freelancer

Ruthless Freelancing

Being ruthless can be best defined as being passionate and determined about professional priorities. How you will achieve your career goals if you become too sensitive and emotional to every small things of life?

World’s most successful millionaires and billionaires believe that aspiring professionals have to be single minded determined, in other words, ruthless, to be successful in their professional goals.

Prioritizing your professional goals should be the most important thing in your life. Being ruthless doesn’t mean being dishonest or selfish. It might mean you will have to give first preference to your career goals in several life situations. You will have to do what seems right for your career ambitions and business.

Would you like to know how to move ruthlessly forward as a successful freelancer? Here are few things you should do:

Be Willing to Sacrifice Sleep


You’ll have to be inconsiderate to your own comforts. There will be several situations when you’ll have to sacrifice your sleep to prioritise your work. Are you willing to do that for successful completion of projects? According to successful entrepreneur Jayson Demers, sacrifice of sleep is one of the 4 other sacrifices that every entrepreneur must make.

Being a freelancer, you will be solely responsible for the growth and prosper of your independent earning source. Jayson Demers says that an independent career choice can be cruel sometimes.

So, you will also have to be ruthless to your personal needs. Hardships of entrepreneurship might demand hard work and sometimes excessive workload, which will be beyond your control. So, be ready for it.

Be Ruthless to Avoid Distractions


You will have to be ruthlessly focused to be able to live and fulfil your dreams. Life pace is too fast. And there will be many distractions to deviate your from your ambitions. You will have to learn to deal with all these issues.

James Caan is a very successful entrepreneur from the UK. He believes that every entrepreneurs or solorepreneur should know how to get the most value out of their time. And for that, they have to be extremely focused on their definite goals.

You will have to set daily goals. You should have some fixed goals which will help you focus better. For example, decide small manageable goals spread over short time. Make a plan for monthly earning goal, for example. Work hard to achieve that. And nothing should come in between. This is how you ruthlessly move forward as an aspiring freelancer.

Be Ruthlessly Efficient


One of the most important things which will make you successful is your efficiency. But, you’ll have to be ruthlessly efficient to move forward and avoid all the disturbances. Ann Babiarz is a business coach and mentor. She says you will have to learn to use your time to be able to ruthlessly efficient.

Take time to build efficiency. Ann Babiarz talks about how to become more efficient during the time available to us daily. Decide a workday that works better for you.

This means, you may like to start working early morning 4 am, if you think you work the most efficient way during that time. Have it your way. The sole purpose is to work productively and more efficiently when you work.

These are few of the many ways which you should follow to move forward ruthlessly as a freelancer. Being a solopreneur, you will have to face more challenges. So if you don’t become ruthless in the above mentioned ways, results will be unsatisfactory.


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