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    How to Manage Your Time Better While Working With Freelancers

    February 4, 2016

February 4, 2016

How to Manage Your Time Better While Working With Freelancers

How to Manage Time

Virtual teams are good to have but just like any other managerial work, getting things done through your team can take a lot of time.

Since projects are usually time and deadline driven, and also because a few of your freelancers require you to pay them by the hour, managing your time better is your prerogative. How you use your time and how you train your team to use time is a function of how profitable your business is going to be.

Here are a few ways you can manage your time better when you work with freelancers:

Train Freelancers and set expectations


Soon after bringing in a freelancer, take time out to set clear expectations from the projects. What exactly did you hire the freelancer for? What are the delivery schedules? What’s the workflow like?

Apart from project specifics, also spend time explaining how it’s going to be like while working for you. Insist that you want the team to be productive and that there’s a huge emphasis on making good of the time available for you, together.

Let someone else do systematic hiring


You are an entrepreneur, and every hour you have with you today counts. Hiring good freelancers is a long and continuous process. Once you develop a system to hire the right freelancers, hire a virtual assistant or a human resources manager to do all the hiring for you.

Typically, you’d enter the scene only after a freelancer is now a part of your team.

Time (not just days) as deadlines


Many project collaboration tools also allow you to fix time-based deadlines (and not just dates on a calendar) – there’s a reason why time-based deadlines exist: fixing time-based deliveries brings in a sense of importance to each task and also allows for a lot more accountability.

If you are working on hourly projects, have a way to track every worked. Use an independent tool like Hubstaff which tracks time along with screenshots to show you exactly what your team is working on.

Set aside separate time for meetings


Avoid meetings at all costs. If you are meeting virtually, find time like Friday evenings or other days, at fixed time slots, to talk to your freelancers.

Don’t get on a call for every single thing you thought you wanted to discuss. Instead, make note of things you need to talk or communicate with a respective freelancer, and hold a weekly meet to take on each of those points, all at one go.

How do you manage time when you work with freelancers?


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