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    How to Make Your Freelancing Day Worthwhile 

    December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015

How to Make Your Freelancing Day Worthwhile 

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How worthwhile a day will be that hugely depends on how do you kickstart the day. Successful people and experts have different habits that they use to start a day with. You will have to figure out your own way of making a day the most productive.

How do you plan a day in advance that can have a big impact on how worthwhile the day will be for you. Would you like to know which habits can help you make the best use of everyday of your life? Would you be interested to know how to make your freelancing day worthwhile? Here are some tips that experts would like to share:

Tim Ferris Recommend Using the 5 Minute Journal


A product called 5 Minute Journal has got a huge attention from professionals.

It’s a small journal that has separate sections to write down the most important things of the day. A page of the dairy starts with a motivational quote. Then the book has separate sections where you write down the things that you’re grateful for, what made you feel great that day, daily affirmations, how could you make the day better, etc.

It will be amazing to take a look at the page of the previous day and learn from it. Plan your next day, decide affirmations, stick to your goals and write down everything on the journal at the end of the day. Try to make everyday better than the previous day.

Marion Nestle Starts Day With the Work that Needs Most Mental Focus


Marion Nestle is a professor of Food Studies in the New York University. She has her own way to make a day worthwhile. According to Marion, she prefers to start a day with the task that requires the highest mental focus.

She prefers to finish the important part of her book in the first half of the day. She wakes up early in the morning and starts writing.

Marion is the author of prize winning books like Food Politics, What to Eat, Why Calories Count, etc. She likes to finish the most important part of writing as early as she wakes up. She protects her attention from all kind of distractions and solely concentrates on writing.

She dedicates the first two to three hours in the morning for this task. You can also decide to complete important tasks in the first half of the day when there are low interventions and distractions in the surrounding. This is one way of making a day very productive.

Keep Eyes on Goals throughout a Day


Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor. One of his famous quotes say that obstacles and hardships will be visible to you only when you take your eyes off the goal.

It means that you should be so much focused and attentive on your goals that you don’t see anything else except what you want to achieve.

This much strong and goal oriented you should be. You should plan out a day a night before in advance. Then you keep an eye on the goals of the day and stick to them no matter what. Your activities throughout the day should circle around your goals.

Days can be good or bad. But what matters is that you persist. Stay close to your goals and put all your efforts to make your freelancing day the most productive.


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