October 2, 2015

4 Small Things You Can Do To Keep Clients For Life

How to Give Value to Clients

It’s not easy, doing this freelancing thing. Look for clients, work, and then look for more clients. The cycle never ends, and there’s a never a day you can call off really. If only clients could last longer. If only you can somehow make them work with you on a continuous basis, sign up contracts that last for years, and have a steady flow of income coming in, no matter what.

Guess what? Even with something as volatile as freelancing, you can make it happen. Here’s how you keep clients forever:

Go beyond business sometimes


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with conversations, meetings, and calls centered on business and nothing much else. We forget that we are people are we connect with other people.

Instead, we take a bunch of instructions and work to get an output. We deliver and we move on. People don’t operate this way.

Take your time out to see what your clients are up to. What kind of updates do they put up on social media? What’s that little something you can talk about that’s common to you and your client.

Communicate regularly


It’s so simple and it stares right at your face. For some reason, we just don’t do this enough. In the normal scheme of things, communicating clearly, regularly, and precisely is already paramount.

Since freelancing would mean telecommuting, all of this work happens remotely. Clients don’t get to see you and you don’t get to see your clients. Hence, the case for communicating regularly is even stronger for remote work or freelancing.

Do more than what you think you should do


If you’ve been hired to do something, do that. But don’t stop there and look for ways to do more. So, if you are a designer and your client hires you for getting a basic website done. Go ahead, and add a blog page (although your client didn’t mention it). If you are a writer, publish your clients’ blog posts and share it on social media networks.

Doing more always puts you in good books. Being there is almost like having a chance to work with the client forever.

Always seek to provide value


Clients are in business just as you are. In business, there’s a need for accountability and to know the return on investment for every dollar spent. Since clients are investing in your services, it’s their right to know what they are getting for it. Meanwhile, it’s smart thing to over deliver in terms of value on your end.

Can you pass on information that can make your clients’ job easier? Do you have any recommendations for making that project better?

What do you do to keep your clients for long? What’s your secret? Want to share?


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