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    How to Hustle: 5 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle

    October 11, 2015

October 11, 2015

How to Hustle: 5 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle


How to Hustle 5 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle 1


Staying financially afloat in these tough economic times can be challenging. If you seek more ways to make extra income, you aren’t alone. A large number of people are finding fortune in side hustle while pursuing what they are most interested in.

No, side hustling cannot be dubbed as a get-rich-quick scheme. Hustle is more about being resourceful and accomplishing a lot without too much qualification or investment. A majority of side hustles require sweat equity, that is, dedicated time and energy, self-discipline, and no fear of failure. If you can commit your time and energy and practice self-discipline, no stopping you!

Like you, I knew that it would be challenging to figure out how to support myself while doing something I loved. However, since childhood, I wanted to find something that would motivate and challenge me for an entire career. I truly believed that life was too short to be wasted doing anything that didn’t give me satisfaction.

Fortunately, I struck gold while doing my first and only full-time job! I found a way out to give wings to my dreams and do better at the financial front with my love for creativity. Yes, it revolved around creative writing!

That was the beginning of my blogging journey.

My write-ups focused on exactly what my readers wanted to read. Voila! My blog became a hit with readers soon.

So while I started to live my dream, my passion for writing turned into a goldmine for me. The fast-growing popularity of the Internet helped my cause further. What more could I ask for? Six years on, I feel satisfied and happy that I ventured into side hustling for good!

In fact, a number of people prefer to give up on earning more in their steady jobs and rather focus on bringing in multiple income streams. Cultivating a side job instead of a permanent job gives you the opportunity to earn extra money on top of all that you already bring home from your full-time work.

But how do you get started?

Make Money on the Side


Starting out a side hustle isn’t all that difficult, especially with a number of virtual on-demand marketplaces, including Peer Hustle, which offer you umpteen gigs for extra income.

Optimize Your Time

You will learn time management skills more speedily while doing a side hustle than anything else, since you have to manage your permanent job while prioritizing everything else on your plate. With a side hustle, you learn how to leverage every second that ticks by. So the busier you are, the more balanced & organized you tend to become.

When you have a side hustle, you have more than one job to work on, besides giving your 100 percent to your day job. This can be challenging in the beginning but with a cool mind and a good bit of planning, you can seamlessly manage your priorities and give everything the best attention.

With scheduled hours, productivity expectations, and readiness to sacrifice extras, you can ensure that your professional & personal lives sail smoothly despite turbulent waters. Mastering challenges is one thing, and growing your business is another. You can’t build a business alone, so you need to be smart enough to automate and outsource tasks that others can do easily, saving you time and without costing you much.

5 Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle


If your income isn’t much, you might want to do a side hustle to make some extra income. While side hustling may include pet sitting, baby sitting, tutoring, selling your old stock, it can also get broader to include more specialized things, such as coaching, writing, consulting, being a virtual assistant, freelancing, designing, sketching, or selling your art work.

When you focus on side hustling, your attention is on earning more, rather than penny pinching, to reach your long-term financial goals. Side hustling has proved to be a game changer for me, helping me diversify my income stream, increase my income, fund my passions, do more fun things in life, and pay off debts.

When you are starting out, ask yourself what skills you bring to the table. Why will people pay for your skills? What value your skills and efforts will bring to your audience? How much time are you willing to devote to side hustle? How much do you expect to earn?

Answers to these questions will help you choose the right path that you can tread to live your dream life.



9. How to Hustle X Ways to Make Money With a Side Hustle 2

Whether you love writing, editing, designing, or more creative things in life, you might want to try your hands at freelancing. Working as a freelance writer or graphic/web designer can bring you fortune while also enhancing your reputation. A number of people are jumping onto the freelancing bandwagon to live their dreams and make their dream career.

If you are into app development, you might want to develop interactive apps for clients online, offering virtual services and making good money. With graphic design skills, you can make extra income designing websites, book covers, invitations, posters, and marketing collateral for individuals and companies.

As a writer, you may want to start with blogging and build an audience that cares to read your written word. Blogging is a great way to make more money, as you can do it at your own pace. Sell advertising on your blog or become an affiliate to earn extra income.

Ghost writing offers another lucrative side hustle for writers. Writing for other busy writers who are getting paid for the work you do can help you hone and establish your writing skills.

On-demand mobile platforms, such as Peer Hustle, can help you spread the word about your skills and land in a side hustle relevant to your skills. So get your creativity into play and enjoy making good money from your passion.


Focus groups/volunteer studies


Marketing firms are always on the lookout for people to test out products and services. If giving opinions and rating products is something that interests you, get in touch with such focus groups to give wings to your passion. Aggregate opinions are then sold to companies that need the information to create new products. This is a great way to pick up money while doing something that interests you.

You can check your local newspaper for research studies being organized in your area. You can find help online as well. Many medical labs look for volunteers to be part of medical research on certain ailments. You can earn several hundred or even thousand dollars being a guinea pig. However, try to find studies that are non-drug testing, so you do not end up with lab tests that are harmful.


Virtual Assistant

Most entrepreneurs find it tasking to handle everything at the same time. While they have to focus on their core competencies, they are willing to delegate smaller tasks to skilled professionals. So if this is something that appeals to you, you would be thrilled to find multiple such gigs in the virtual marketplace.

Look for on-demand platforms, like Peer Hustle, for clients interested in getting some of their load off their shoulders. In order to progress and expand their business, such entrepreneurs seek external help, so they can focus all of their energies on core business. A virtual assistant works remotely as a personal secretary, responsible for overseeing project progress, email management, task delegation, document management, and content management.


Sell your stuff online

Yes, you can make extra income selling your collectibles, art, or craft online. Whether you have CDs, DVDs, books, art or craft, you can consider selling them on etsy, ebay, Fiverr, or Amazon. If you are creative, you can bring your creativity into play and start selling your crafts online. You may want to start small initially, and as you build your audience looking for unique products, you can expand and even turn your side hustle into a full-time gig.


Pet sitting/baby sitting


Whether you love kids or wish to be swarmed by pets, take your passion to the next level by offering to take care of pets or toddlers of friends or neighbors while they are busy elsewhere. This is one side hustle you would want to continue doing while earning excellent rewards. You can start with baby sitting or pet sitting as early as in high school. While you live your passion, you give yourself the opportunity to make some good income. What more could you ask for?

Irrespective of what you choose to do, side hustle offers you an amazing opportunity to earn extra cash to live the life you have always wanted. Do something you love and get paid for living your passion while still being tied to a traditional job.

Choose your dream side hustle today and take the plunge into your dream world! As soon as you start making money, there won’t be any regrets whatsoever.


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