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    How to Hire a Writer: 4 Tips on Finding the Best Writer For Your Job

    January 6, 2016

January 6, 2016

How to Hire a Writer: 4 Tips on Finding the Best Writer For Your Job

How to hire writers
To hire and add some great freelance writers to your team, you just have to make sure you choose the diamond from the mine. There are really good writers who can inspire readers with their enchanting thoughts and the art of storytelling. However, finding and hiring the best of them is the most important task.

Of course, you probably would like to start by seeking help from people in your circle who know some good writers. But, there are many other places that you should try. Below you will find the tips for finding and hiring the best writers for your job –

Guest Bloggers in Great Blogs


You want to find and hire the best writers for your job? Why not try the great blogs that talk about content marketing and writing overall? The aim is to get a person who understands your need and possesses the skill you’re looking for. You will find out several talented people in such blogs who can work for your project and can make your project successful. Successful blogs welcome guest posts from other writers who like to write for that site and link back to their own blog or website. So, you will find several such writers who write guest blog posts for such blogs to promote their own skill and services.

Try LinkedIn and Twitter


Social media platforms are such places where you will surely find some talented writers for your job. Most professionals would like to be in the network of marketers and other entrepreneurs.

So, if you research on the social mediate sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, you will find profiles of great writers. You can connect to them and develop a great group of writers.

Find Writers in Writing Forums


Writing forums are also great places to find the best writers. Most writers like to be part of a group or network with other like minded professionals. If you go to the forums and research a bit, you will surely find few great writer as per your project need.

Ideally, you should try to screen and carefully observe the various discussion threads to understand the writer’s point of view, their writing style and subject knowledge. And gradually over time, you will get to know who fit your project goal the most effective way.

Hire a Niche Writer


Writers have different writing styles and subject interests. If a writer says he/she can write almost about anything, the work of the writer is going to be average. To write a great piece of article, you need to have very good amount of information and analytical ability. A writer will study, analyze and link logic and thoughts to create a new story for the readers. Unless you don’t want to waste your money, you shouldn’t hire a writer who don’t have niche expertise in couple of subjects.

A professional can be a great story creator for children, or a nonfiction writer, or a business content strategist. You’ve to decide who will fit your goal and can work best for your project. Therefore, invest in a writer who has niche expertise.

These are some of the best ways to head start your recruitment journey. It may take some time to select few really talented people. But, once you’ve them, you can build a long term professional relation.


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