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    How to Hire a Software Developer: 3 Tips on Finding the Best Software Developer For Your Job

    January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016

How to Hire a Software Developer: 3 Tips on Finding the Best Software Developer For Your Job

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When hiring the best independent software developer for your job, you will need to consider both the pros and cons of hiring a freelance software professional. From many perspectives, it seems absolutely feasible to hire someone reliable and responsible. But, the process of recruitment is not going to be so simple in case you wish to hire an independent professional.

Why it makes sense to hire an independent contractor? The reason is that this process saves a lot of time and also the money that you might had to give to a middleman or a recruitment agency otherwise. So, when you hire a freelancer software developer, you’ll have to make sure you can trust the professional with quality work and timely delivery to make your overall project successful. Here are some great tips on finding the best software developers for your job –

Make Sure You Know All the Costs Involved


When you decide to hire an independent developer, you’ve to make sure you understand different types of costs involved in the process. You will have to know how much the contractor would like to get paid. One important thing to note that most freelance developers would like to get paid hourly. But, you’ve to make sure that you pay only for the mutually agreed fixed working hours for the job.

You will have to calculate and figure out the number of hours that the developer will need to dedicate to the project in advance. If you don’t sort out the hourly payment well in advance, it might cost you much more than your budget permits. Therefore, speak clearly and let the contractor know how much you would like to spend for the project before you hire the professional.

Make Sure the Contractor Understands Your Project Expectations


Another important thing that you would like to talk clearly with the prospective professionals is that if they understand what you want to achieve. One difficulty many recruiters experience when working with an offshore developer is that the lack of communication and misunderstandings.

This might happen because of language differences or many others things. You’ve to make sure that you let the contractor know your project goal clearly so that he/she can align the work with your interests appropriately. For this, you will need to talk frankly to the contractor who you want to hire and let him/her know your project expectations.

Be Willing to Pay More for Quality


This is one thing which will help you hire a great software developer. Sometimes, you need to be a little flexible in terms of the hourly cost you pay to the contractor. Some freelance developers really work great. But, they may charge above the average pay. If you think that you’ve found one who has the ability and skill to make your project successful, you should be little flexible to pay a bit more. It will inspire the professional to provide much better work and will also help you build a long term work relationship with the talented person.

It will be much easier for you if you communicate with the freelance developer and let him/her know your expectations. Only hire someone who can assure regular updates and seems willing to maintain communication throughout the project tenure. Right and timely communication will keep things on track.


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