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    How to Guard Your Time Against Common Time Killing Habits

    December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

How to Guard Your Time Against Common Time Killing Habits

Productivity for freelancers

All time killing habits can be managed. However, the most important thing is that you’re aware of the influential factors. Do you know a wrong work attitude can become a serious time waster?

Start a Day With a Happy Body and Mind


Your mental and emotional condition can have a huge impact on your daily productivity level. According to mental health practitioners, overthinking habit is not good for your overall productivity level. If you’re in a creative field, like programming or writing, overthinking can actually kill your time and destroy your will power. You must get over this habit to increase your efficiency.

Set some deadlines for yourself and make yourself accountable for it. Don’t hold yourself responsible for anything beyond your objectives. This is one way to increase happiness, and thus, the level of productivity.

Work As Long As You Can Stay Focused


It’s a irreplaceable requirement. Most freelancers work from home. But, at home, if someone doesn’t have a supporting environment, that can be a disaster. One of the common time killing habits found in freelancers is not being able to focus on work because of several reasons.

One way to stop this habit is training your mind to shift focus on possible opportunities and stay focused. Don’t stick to any rule for time management. You can finish all assigned work for the day quickly if you can work with the highest level of concentration. Work when you feel you can concentrate.

However, from health and well being perspective, it’s recommended that you develop a habit of starting work early morning. After the long rest of night, the human brain works with the highest level of efficiency.

Prioritize Work to Meet Targets


You must prioritize your work in order to set deadlines for each day. One time killing habit seen in most freelancers is not being able to prioritise personal and career goals. The biggest benefit of being able to work from home can turn into the biggest obstacle for growth if you don’t know how to manage the priorities.

If you really want to work a lot within less number of hours spent, learn to prioritise and complete the most unpleasant task first. A study conducted on 500 almost participants found that people love to keep the most difficult task aside until the last moment.

It’s a serious work attitude mistake that you should try to avoid to improve your productivity. By completing the most unpleasant task first, you can concentrate on the rest of the task better and save time.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Fixed Working Hours


Who said that you’ll have to start and finish work exactly at the same time daily? You’ll be losing the biggest advantage of being in freelancing if you do that. Discipline is good. But, everyone’s mind is different. Some people can’t work at a stretch.

Divide your work in small length of times. Understand which task will take how much time. If you think a task can take around 1.5 hours, start the work and try to finish it within the deadline. After you complete the task, if you’re not feeling like starting a new work immediately, don’t do that. You can start the new task when you feel you can concentrate and finish without losing your focus in between.

Inhibit the Distractions


Working at home can be challenging if you don’t know how to overcome the distractions. You’ll have to be extremely strong to be able to restrict all elements which can ruin your workflow.

You will have to figure out what’s causing time waste in your case. Is it lack of attention? Or, are you not able to safeguard yourself from human influence? Do you have to work in a too much chaotic environment? Plan how to safeguard your time from the unnecessary factors based on your situation.


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