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    How to Flex The Virtual Hustle to Get What You Want 

    January 27, 2016

January 27, 2016

How to Flex The Virtual Hustle to Get What You Want 

How to Hire Freelancers

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be doing everything themselves. Business is about scale. It’s about bringing in leverage. It’s about multiplying what you do multi-fold.

It’s almost stupidity to insist on hiring full-time staff when you can get super teams at a fraction of the cost, anywhere in the world, and without overheads. This the era of telecommuting and if you stick to the old guns, you’d never how rusty it could get when you ought to fire.

When you are out looking for a team, stop looking for them the traditional way. Instead, check out the virtual hustle. By that, I mean an entire legion of super-talented, hungry, dedicated, and experienced virtual professionals. Here are some quick ways to do it:

Go Where the best Lounge


Peerhustle is a great community for finding freelancers for your projects. Signup for a PeerHustle account, scout freelancer profiles here, and reach out to those who you think are the best fit for your project.

Take time to put up a solid project brief since it determines what kind of freelancers you’d end up hiring.

Do Your Homework


Input a little monkey wrench into your proposal while you post a job on freelance job boards. Something like, “Mention the word bamboozled at the top of the proposal”.

Eliminate any proposal that doesn’t have the word on top of their proposal and then start going through the proposals you get.

Respect freelancers


You don’t own freelancers. Just because you pay them money doesn’t make you what you think you are. You need work done, and they do it for you at a price. That’s all there is to the transaction. If the attitude and the tone of project briefs is anything to go by, clients are way too rude.

You want to get things done or show off your supremacy? Learn to respect freelancers, because they are entrepreneurs, just like you.

Systematize everything


Use various apps and tools to bring in your freelancers and work with them on the system.

With project collaboration tools for instance, you can track their work, the time they spend on projects, and for your own internal assessment of what kind of work demands more time. This way, you can plan your projects, workflows, hiring decisions, payroll, and a lot more.

How do you manage your projects?


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