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    How to Deliver Your Best In Freelancing

    October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015

How to Deliver Your Best In Freelancing

How to deliver your best in Freelancing

The key for success in freelancing yesterday was to make your customers “like” you. But that was yesterday.

Today, they’d have to love you. Your goal isn’t to pitch and sell; it’s to make your customers lifetime converts. To make them your brand ambassadors. To make them your evangelists.

Then, and only then, would you have any chance in making it really big in freelancing.So, here’s How to Deliver Your Best In Freelancing:

No matter what business you are in, you will focus on doing the best you can to ensure that your clients are super-thrilled to have you has their partner.

Everything from how you greet them; your personality; your marketing collateral; your processes; your systems; how you deliver your business; your sales; your up-keeping of your promises — everything matters. If you sound rude or unresponsive with a customer, you will lose your customer. You don’t keep the promises you make, you lose your customer. In fact you will stand to lose everything.

As Paul Gorman Says in his book The Game of Business and How to Play it,

“ The Primary Purpose of any enterprise — Huge, medium or tiny — is to provide the highest degree of service, value and result to every person or organization that inquires of you, asks for advice from you, and buys or invests from you.”

Once you put your service first you could then keep in touch with all those customers you had already delighted with your products and services by calling them once in a while, leave a message, send an email or send a direct mailer just to thank them.

Perhaps, you could ask them as to how they find your services or if the product you had sent in works flawlessly? Do surveys. Get on a call with your customers. Just because you can work online doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to hid behind your website and/or email.

When you do this, tell us if they don’t find that incredibly delightful. Aren’t you really giving it your best shot?

You are doing more than anyone else could possibly do. If you just do this consistently enough and make sure that your clients/customers are falling in love with your business, then and only then, will you see profit windfalls.

An avalanche of wealth is all yours to take only if you do this right. Ask for money first without doing any of the above mentioned protocol and see how money scurries away from you, never to return again.

How do you approach your freelancing business? What do you do to keep your clients forever?


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