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    How to Build Credibility as a Freelancer, the “Giver” Way

    September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015

How to Build Credibility as a Freelancer, the “Giver” Way

Build Credibility

One of the most popular, untold secrets of the very successful has been this: they are all givers.

Takers, as opposed to givers, don’t succeed in the long run. Never before has this little secret been exposed to so much potential. Multiple paths and ways now exist for “giving” – at least in terms of knowledge, wisdom, and insights. In case you were wondering, giving is also alive and well on the mentor front with crowdsourcing communities such as KickStarter.

Why are we talking about highbrow philosophical stuff like giving while we should be focusing on freelancing?

Success demands giving and as a freelancer, it’s the best way for you to grow your credibility. More credibility leads to more business. Period.

How do you build credibility then? What exactly are you supposed to do?

Embrace giving


You might wonder – even before getting into the act – as to how “giving” helps. When you give, you get into the motion of dispensing knowledge. You become the source for knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and advice. You get into the beautifully self-serving act of helping others solve problems.

People will look up to you (including your clients).

You drive, instead of being driven.

You lead, instead of others leading you.

You set the course; others tread the path you create.

Spread your wings


Once you determine your customer persona – that is, you find out exactly who your customer is. You’d have to figure out exactly where they are, what they do, the demographics, the geographic locations, and even get down to details such as their interests, what keeps them up at night, and more.

Online, this translates to forums, communities, and social zones where conversations take place around the service you provide as a freelancer.

Get communal


Now that you’ve found your communities and you know that are all probably looking for your services, you might be tempted to jump right in and pitch your services.

Not yet. In fact, you don’t ever hustle directly when you are either on social media or when you are participating in social conversations.

While you are here, it’s time to get communal. Talk, respond to questions, quell doubts, motivate, inspire, and give out your two cents.

Go generous


Apart from your communal participation, a growing presence on social media, and all the conversations you are a part of, you’d also have clients initiating business deals. In comes a client, and out goes a pitch or a proposal. Or so business practices would make you believe.

That’s a shortsighted practice that gets you money today but puts you back on the street for more.

Instead, offer things of value to your clients. If they asked for a blog post, work on Meta information too. If they asked for a logo, provide extra source files for offline uses such as signboards and print advertising.

You get the drift?

Do you practice going at freelancing the giver way? Are you generous? Do you go out of the way for clients? Share your experiences with us.


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