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    Simple Ways To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Freelancing Business

    September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015

Simple Ways To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Freelancing Business

Grow Your Freelancing Business
Here’s the thing about inbound marketing in general: your content begins to get traffic, you’d work hard engaging with potential customers on social media, and get your potential customers to read up, consume, and get excited about everything you do as a freelancer.

The bad news: you are not doing enough. Although you get traffic, get eyeballs, and probably a few leads, you need a consistent system to ensure that leads come in on a consistent basis.

For that, you need email marketing. Here’s how you do it and a few ways you can use email marketing to nurture your leads:

Grow that list


The very process of growing your list puts you into the frame of “giving”. In an earlier post, we wrote about how giving helps you get more business. To grow your email list, you’d need to provide considerable value upfront, and that’s a good thing.

Create reports, eBooks, give away a free trial of your services, or provide actual services that you got paid for – no matter what you do, your list grows and that’s a good start.

Touch Base


Selling all the time won’t help. While sending out information regularly certainly helps, there’s another great way to use email marketing: to touch base.

Send out an occasional email to your list to do surveys, ask questions, send out your thoughts, point them to something you found, or get them to engage with you ina real conversation.

Setup your RSS Campaigns


Since you are blogging and your blog sees regular blog posts on a weekly basis, there are chances that you’d receive regular traffic to your blog.

However, most people (especially your potential customers) don’t remember your domain name to type in and visit directly. Some might remember, and life comes in between.

That’s when setting up an RSS-to-email campaign makes perfect sense. The campaign works with RSS feed of your blog setup as an email digest that goes out to your list of subscribers – the perfect way to nurture your leads with more information.

Each week. Every week. Without you lifting a finger.

Broadcast emails


Giving offers, running contests, and sending out specials is an awesome way to boost your freelance business. Doing it every so often using the normal methods of marketing can be expensive.

Not if you use email marketing. With a big, growing list of subscribers who’ve opted in to hear from you, your broadcast messages can be your way for selling unapologetically.

How do you use email marketing to grow your freelancing business?


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