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    How to Grow Indispensible for Your Clients

    September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015

How to Grow Indispensible for Your Clients

Provide Value as Freelancers

Clients come in and clients go out. You have this difficulty as a freelancer and it’s not fun at all. As if the uncertainty wasn’t enough, you also have to deal with scope creep, unpaid invoices, the hustle, and also complete disrespect.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. While there are several factors that’ll affect the degree of importance you have with your clients, you can grow your perceived value in the eyes of your client

Here’s how you grow indispensable for your clients:

Keep that relationship up


It’s not just a client you are dealing with as a freelancer; it’s real people. In the rush to meet deadlines, get paid, and then get more clients, we forget this. In fact, some freelancers only talk business. In the interest of efficiency, that’s pardonable. However, people don’t work this way. We aren’t machines.

Your clients have problems just like you do. They’d often share their problems, mention family, or explain their life in the passing.

Acknowledge that. Talk about it. At least, lend your ears.

Deliver more. Promise less


When you have clients finalizing deals, we get eager. We get excited that a project is likely to take off and there’s a possibility that you’ll crack the deal. In this rush and excitement, it’s natural that we overdo things, like promises.

“I’ll do this in a day”
“Oh, that’s easy”
“I could do more than just that, you know?”

We know you can do that and more. Just don’t say it. Only do it. In fact, do more than what you promised. Over deliver all you want.

Work hard. Really hard


There’s no substitute for hard work and we all know that. It’s understandable that all this freelancing can take its toll on you. Yet, there’s no looking back. There’s no way you are going to under deliver. There are no excuses for shoddy work and missed deadlines.

If you go wrong, admit it. If you don’t know something, say it out aloud.

Only consistent and hard work can differentiate you from thousands of other freelancers who can take your place.

Consult, without expectations


So, there’s a lot of talk that happens to and fro. Your clients will have questions that need answering. They’ll have doubts, fears, and they need solutions. Often, you’ll be asked. Take that opportunity and consult your clients. Tell them what’s right. Show them solutions. Solve their problems.

When you do this, you are already 99 percentile better than your competition.

Be a partner


You aren’t just a vendor or a freelancer. You aren’t “remote help”. You are a partner (without any actual stake) in your clients’ business. You are there to solve problems, to do magic, and to make your clients’ lives (and/or businesses better).

Talk like a partner. Behave like a partner. Speak up. Put your foot on the ground when you need to. Feel free to give out your two cents when needed.


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