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    Going Beyond The Resume: How to Find Real Talent In your Freelancers

    February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

Going Beyond The Resume: How to Find Real Talent In your Freelancers

How to Find Real Talent In your Freelancers

A brief is all that thats between you (the employer) and your freelancers. For most cases, a well-written brief is more than enough and can still get you freelancers as long as you do your due diligence and test your freelancers well before taking them in, all out. But there are times when you need to know more about your freelancers. Who knows? There could be a writer hidden inside a developer or a strategist behind the graphic designer?

Here are ways to go beyond the usual persona and how to find the real talent in your freelancers, if you’d want to:

Surprise them


Let’s say you have a team of writers on your team: take a detour on the usual tasks you give your writers and make them do something else. You’d get to know a couple of things this way: first, you’ll know if your writers are flexible enough to accept other kinds of work (of course, this work is still related).

Second, you’ll know if they have any hidden talent.

Third, this is one of the few ways left to see how adaptable your team is and how they perform when you clip their wings off.

Social activity, the great revealer


Pick out on any random social stream of one of your existing or potential freelancer and you’ll see a great deal of information behind every tweet and update. People automatically tend to skew towards brands they like, post updates on topics they find interesting, and you’ll also know a lot about them by the updates they do. LinkedIn could show you their professional inclinations while Twitter can tell you what keeps them on their toes.

Get on Facebook if you want to get personal.

Talk to them


We’ve been spoilt by the fact that we don’t really have to call up or meet anyone anymore. Since it’s a virtual team that you are likely to be managing, you’d never have to take the effort to call. But that’s exactly why you should. Just by taking the effort to place a single call (or skype meeting) you get to know so much more about your freelancers than you ever thought possible.

People open up much more when you talk to them or when you meet them (even better). Taking this step strengthens the bond.

What do you do to get to know your freelancers better? Share your ideas here.


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