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    5 Free Tools Every Freelancer Must Use

    September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

5 Free Tools Every Freelancer Must Use

Freelancing tools

Technology is a savior. Thanks to that, small businesses (including freelancers) are on the same playing field as the big boys. In fact, while really large companies are stuck with old time technology, others such as startups and freelancers have all the advantage of using the best technology has to provide.

While “there’s an app” for almost everything, you can make do with some of the best technology has to offer for your freelancing business. With tons of tools, solutions, and web-based applications to choose from, you’d only have to spend considerable doing research in what solution works best for your freelancing business.

Here are some of those freelancing tools and solutions for you:

Get Base


Given that you’d be reaching out to many prospects during the day and that you’d also follow up regularly, you’d need something more reliable than excel sheets.

In fact, you’d need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) like Get Base so that you’d know exactly who each of your potential customers are, information about them, to-do lists for each lead, follow the status of each lead, etc.



We wrote about why every freelancer should use email marketing and MailChimp is one of those popular email service providers that lets you send out about 2000 emails and to 500 subscribers for free.

It puts you on a straight-line path to email marketing – the one digital marketing channel that’s guaranteed to make you money and nurture your leads for the long term.



Put up a landing page for every offer you’d ever have to make and every campaign you’d ever run to promote your freelancing offers.

A landing page puts a tremendous amount of focus into the equation and doesn’t dilute the attention of your buyers. It’s also easy to track conversions on a landing page compared to a full-fledged website.

Normally, you’d have to hire developers or get IT help each time you’d need a landing page. Instead, signup for a free Unbounce.com account and start creating landing pages for each offer you make.



Asana is free to use and it brings the best of project management to your freelancing business. Use it for managing your projects, assign yourself work, or even work with other team members you might have.

Asana helps you organize your projects client-wise and allows you to set deadlines, milestones, projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. The tool also integrates with Google drive to complete your workflow.



You’d have to track time for hourly projects, send professional looking invoices, and keep track of your payments, receivables, etc.

Depending on where you are working from, you’d also have to keep books and maintain records of your business transactions. A solution like Due helps you do all that and more.

Other alternatives to invoicing are, Xero & Freshbooks.

What are your favorite tools? What kind of technology do you use for your freelancing business? Share your best tools with us.

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  • Meanu Normia, September 16, 2015 Reply

    Being a freelancer, I use dropbox and proofhub for managing projects. Its very easy to get on board my new clients on proofhub coz of clean UI. Both are my favourite tools.

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