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    Freelancing Productivity: 5 Ways You Are Probably Wasting Time

    September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Freelancing Productivity: 5 Ways You Are Probably Wasting Time

freelancing Productivity

As if your days as a freelancer were hard enough, there are those everyday things you’d have to deal with just like everyone else. Since there’s only so much time in a day for everyone, you’d have to be careful about how and where you apportion your time.

Chances are that you are probably wasting tons of time (and effort) on tasks that you shouldn’t have and things you don’t have to do.

Here are some ways to stop wasting time and boost your freelancing productivity:

Not waking up early


Mornings are the most productive time for many freelancers, business owners, busy executives, and many others. Yet, it’s surprising how some people never take the effort to wake up early and get some serious work done. It’s understandable that it’s supposed to be “your freedom”, but all that freedom won’t play out if you are not productive in the first place.

Wake up. Early.

Sleeping too early


We won’t get into the big debate of when you should be sleeping or when you should wake up. But sleeping too early, like 8.30 or 9 PM, for instance, is ridiculous.

As we mentioned, we won’t question your choices. However, sleeping too early is just as bad as waking up too late. Enough said.

Stop Working With Cheap clients


We’ve written about it a lot, but it’s worth mentioning another million times. Never work for cheap clients. Look at it this way: clients who pay way less than your market rate not only pay you less but are also the most troublesome of the clients you’d ever get to handle. They’d eat you alive and then pay you peanuts.

All that time spent agonizing over this kind of work, or with clients, or taking the trouble to find them – all that is a drain on your life.

To learn, when you don’t have to


First, it’s a good thing to keep learning. It’s chic to upgrade your skills, and it also makes tremendous business sense for you as a freelancer. However, not all learning is built equal.

Allow us to explain: if you are a freelance writer and if you wanted to learn HTML code and CSS3, go ahead; it’s good for you. If you wanted to learn HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Python, and all other technologies out there just because you thought being a designer or developer was cool, that’s something that might not work for your benefit.

To do everything yourself


Usually, you’d start off treating freelancing like a business, but rarely do they really treat it that way. Eventually, it tends to become a fancy job and you’d feel that you got yourself a fancy job.

It won’t that much fun as it was once. Stop yourself from feeling this way and avoid the temptation of doing all the tasks yourself. There’s plenty of help (virtual assistants and even full-fledged companies) available for you online.

Where does your time go?


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