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    Freelancing Blues: What Should You Do When You Are Down The Dumps?

    August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

Freelancing Blues: What Should You Do When You Are Down The Dumps?

Freelancing Blues

Feeling down the dumps? Lost your mojo? Is the act of getting yourself motivated an uphill task everyday? Have you lost the fire, the intensity, and the energy to wake up every morning because of a few instances of unpaid invoices, bad clients, or because no projects are showing up at your door?

Welcome to freelancing 101. You are now a part of a huge, growing group of independent contractors and what you are feeling now (or might feel later) is as common as common cold.

It could be so unsettling to work so hard and not get paid for it due to a client’s vanishing act. It could be heartbreaking to not be respected for what you do and when there are instances of project scope creep.

But unlike most people, you have amazing choices to combat with your freelancing blues. Since, throwing your laptop away or yelling at your dog are not options that help, here’s what you do:

Accept & Embrace


This is freelancing. It’s a business. Ups and downs are common in business. Entrepreneurs are special because embrace and accept this as reality. They work their mindset around uncertainty and challenges. Because things are the way they are in freelancing, the only way you can you keep yourself sane is through pure “hustle”.

There’s no point in question the nature of freelancing, your life as a freelancer, and why things are the way they are.

Fire Away


One advantage you have over most people who have day jobs is that you can “fire” at all. Fire your clients if you think they don’t treat you well, pay you on time, or if they don’t treat you with respect.

Don’t entertain freeloaders. Don’t do free samples. Don’t go over the board for a prospective client, especially if they have a bad reputation or if you don’t know any better.

Do this only if you can bring in new clients.

It is what you make of it


Just as it stands for most things, your freelancing career is what you make of it. How well you do freelancing depends on your skill level, ability to communicate, the pace at which you land new clients (while retaining the old ones), and how much value you provide.

Above all that, your freelancing career also depends on the strength of your character, your inner resilience, positive attitude, and more.

It’s only the beginning


Freelancing is all you need if you wanted a better alternative to full-time jobs. It also makes sense if you are happy with what you do in terms of freelancing and if this is enough for you meet your goals (long-term and short-term). If you want to get truly rich (if that’s what you want) or build a business that can scale and grow, freelancing only introduces you to the big world of business.

There’s more that you have to do (if you intend to) than this.

So, why stop now?


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