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    5 Freelance Photographers On Facebook You Can Follow

    October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

5 Freelance Photographers On Facebook You Can Follow

Freelance Photographers on Facebook

With freelance photographers being the best kind of freelancers on the block and as Facebook is bigger than the largest country in the world in terms of population, it’s a heady mix to find some of the best freelance photographers on Facebook indeed.

Freelance Photographers, in an effort to put the best of their work out for the world to see, take to Facebook and/or Instagram to showcase their best work.

It’s inspiring, and it’s easy enough to see what they do and how well they do it. Here are 5 Freelance Photographers On Facebook you can follow(Please note that a few of these photographers could have removed their Facebook page):

George Lepp

Ever wondered how incredibly successful freelance photographers look, work, and live like? Check out George Lepp – a well-known nature and outdoors photographer.

You’d see a different world when you look at the world through George’s eyes. His passion for natural beauty is immediately visible through his work.

Pam Wood

What can a girl with a camera do? A lot, if Pam Wood is anything to go by. Pam Wood is a freelance photographer with a hunger to perform and itchy feet strong enough to pull her through the entire world. Wood gives out stories through her photos.

She hopes to inspire and drive international peace, world togetherness, and much more through her work.

Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby one is one of the more reputed, visible, and prolific photographers on Facebook. Author of the Photography Book, a self-proclaimed Photography pro, and the CEO of Kelbyone.com, Scott’s Facebook profile is a must visit for anyone in the realm of freelance photography.

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor has a rich experience with freelance photography after having worked for the last 20 years with some of the world’s leading companies. His images and photos have been picked up worldwide. Looking for inspiration? Want to learn how to do freelance photography right?

Would you like to pick up a lesson or two on DLSR photography tips? How about a free photography course? See what Karl Taylor’s Facebook Fan Page looks like.

Dennis Nigel

It’s always nice to see the work of freelance photographers with an International acclaim. Even better when there’s this little adventure streak in them. Dennis Nigel is one of those freelance photographers with an international repute.

A wildlife photographer extraordinaire, Dennis has whopping 70,000+ images on his site and he captures some of the most exotic sights the world has to offer.

Nigel also specializes in nature, landscapes, and rainforests.

Who are some of your favorite freelance photographers?


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